You are currently viewing Passion over Practicality: What Should We Choose?

March 30, 2022

by Zette Saquian

Looking back at the years that have passed, we somehow realize that we’ve had so many dreams and ambitions that we wanted to achieve. We had gone through phases when we’ve changed our minds regarding our ambitions. Phases when we are so passionate about reaching our dreams. But as we grow older and as time changes, we ought to change our minds about what we should pursue in life.

The passion we once had over something tends to change because of different factors affecting our decisions in life. Factors like being practical instead of being passionate. We can’t deny the fact that in this generation people tend to be more practical than being passionate about job searching. Why? Because passion alone cannot guarantee us the success that we want to achieve. Sometimes our passion isn’t enough to help us get through each day in terms of paying bills or just simply having to be able to fend for ourselves. We ought to ask ourselves if following our passion will be the answer to our problems, but once we look deep into the realities of life, we tend to choose to be practical in all our actions to ensure that we can live or just even survive each passing day.

If we just think carefully, not everyone was given the chance to follow their passion because of the difficult situation they’re in that needs to be solved with practicality. Some who have been blessed are those who can simply afford to chase their dreams and have the support of their families. Lucky ones who were able to pursue what they wanted without even having to think of how they’ll be able to live each day. But to those who couldn’t, end up doing tasks or taking jobs that they’re not even fond of just so they can earn enough to help with their daily expenses at home. Jobs that are far or even extremely different from the passion that they have, but what choice do they have if it’s a job that pays more and that will help them get through the day? Sometimes we just really have to choose whether to pursue the goal right from the start or to choose something far more practical before reaching the dream.

Despite the circumstances in life, there are also people who tend to end up loving the job that they chose. Why? Because somehow, their needs, not just monetary reasons but also other aspects, have been satisfied. Sometimes, it’s because they have found their dreams in the job that they chose. There are so many circumstances and situations that will help us realize the real meaning of adulthood and responsibilities. Sometimes we ought to think that it’s just all about earning money and slaving away in our jobs, but it’s more than that. It’s also a phase of reflecting and balancing aspects of our lives that will help us not just survive, but also live. To live life happily without having to stress over anything.

As we go through adulthood, a lot of things will change and we have to be prepared for it because everything we were used to will eventually change over time and the responsibilities we once had will also be replaced with something far more challenging that will simply guide us to become better in life. We have to realize sooner that everything will change and that we shouldn’t just be so dependent because we will never understand that there’s more to life than what we are used to.

It’s time to grow up and realize that we aren’t getting any younger and we should learn how to be responsible and independent because not all the time we can rely on our family and friends to help us, they also have their own problems to deal with. As a matter of fact, we all have problems that we have to deal with as we grow older and it’s up to us how we’ll resolve them. Either we simply follow the path towards the dreams without thinking about the risk or choose a more stable one at first before pursuing the unknown. Whatever the choices we have in life, it is up to us to choose what we think is best for us. Passion or practicality, you choose.