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August 15, 2021

by April Brillantes

You finally completed your education! Finished every project and unbearable task for years. You are now able to receive the highest ceremony in your respective school, but still, everyone has to face reality, especially in these times of pandemics. In this COVID virus outbreak, graduation has become a bittersweet award instead, that the graduates will have to experience after years of hardship.

It was sudden…a sudden farewell from their beloved classmates and teachers. A sudden massive adjustment of facilities, equipment, and tools has to be met to finish the studies properly. A sudden change of plans and career uncertainty. And of course, the financial anxieties and issues within the family.

The pandemic has left fresh graduates befogged to figure out what’s next. Will they be able to continue their personal plans even before the pandemic came? Will they be able to transition smoothly from the ended chapter of their school to a new beginning of their career lives? Or will they be able to surpass these intensified trials due to pandemics and be more successful?

These questions are present even before and after the pandemic graduation. Making them more worried and fearful about the future. A possibility to make them overthink that they are more of a failure to who they really are, but, these thoughts are normal as we call this “Post-Graduation Depression”. These feelings are totally fine, and you can ask for guidance and company from your friends and family.

It may also be true that fresh graduates will surely have a hard time finding their dream jobs. Since job hunting might feel like an eternity and it is going to be a slog, there is a probability that most of them will rely on sideline jobs if there is no other choice. May it be online or in a face-to-face set-up. The fear of being rejected is a hassle too, but fresh graduates should not be alarmed since it is not personal. They are good enough. But there can be steps to feel lighter from these burdens.

First in line is being resilient in the tough job market. It won’t be easy and don’t let those overthinking thoughts crush your soul, basically having a strong heart in the workplace is a plus.

The next step would be having an organized profile such as CV resume, portfolios, LinkedIn account, and personal datasheet. They can also prepare for their answers in an interview in advance.

Third, it is also important to prepare your skills and knowledge. Spend some time building skills while also looking for jobs. In this part, being able to multitask is needed. Making them balance will help your employers be more drawn to you.

Lastly, be active in making a list of companies you want to apply to. Being able to understand the company itself will surely help them agree that you can be a perfect fit for the job since you have done the research and is interested in the first place.

These are just some of the few tips to conquer the feeling of being helpless after graduation in a pandemic. You can add yours too to make your preparation better.

In this pandemic, everyone will be facing a different path. Some may get better opportunities and others will have to face harder trials. In the end, everyone still has to prepare for what is up ahead, especially for the newly graduates. Patience and perseverance will be the key.