You are currently viewing Nurseguide Protocol: Measures For Safeguarding Against Respiratory Risks

September 15, 2023

by Melisse Geisha Jamora


After the worldwide attack of the viral Covid 19 virus which put masses behind the protection of their closed doors, with leaden steps, conquering diverse adversaries brought upon by this great hurdle, people have come to adapt to the foreign environment with resiliency and preparedness known as “The New Normal”. With this, educational and professional endeavors have been permitted to be pursued face-to-face or personally. Adhering to the implementation of the new normal environment, the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) is one of the few schools that have immediately pursued full-time face-to-face classes following the nation’s recovery from this dire virus. Today, AISAT has fully adjusted to the new environment and is fully functioning beyond the online world. However, as observed by many, respiratory illnesses have become rampant in a state that has become alarming to the majority.


The school nurse of AISAT, Ms. April Rose Dumdum has been offering her genuine service and health care profession to the learners of the school for a couple of months. She describes her experience as a school nurse in AISAT as relaxing since her work hours are only from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. which she finds conveniently suitable for her since she has fewer patients to aid and cater to. The reason that AISAT is on her list of job choices is that it allows her to slacken her workload due to fewer hours of service and fewer patients to address. Furthermore, she finds the environment in AISAT non-toxic which eases up the emerging pressure one can feel in a certain workplace. Ms. Dumdum further states:

“I don’t know how many months or years I will spend here, but I am willing to face challenges at the same time to grow or develop in my career as a nurse.”

that translates to her dedication and willingness to focus on the health of her subjects. As a school nurse and a health care expert, Ms. Dumdum suggests that to battle the rampant cases of respiratory illnesses, it is important to highlight the importance of prevention to avoid the need for a cure. Moreover, it is significant to take precautionary measures such as taking vitamins, ensuring proper rest, consuming nutritious foods, at the same time if symptoms arise, wearing a face mask to avoid compromising the health of others, and keep not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional health as well for a sound body, soul, and mind.


Even though the world has successfully sailed through the waves of challenges brought by Covid 19 and its variants, it is still crucial to be educated and be aware of certain measures to partake if symptoms are felt. Instill the advice of professional health workers and take into consideration the health of those around you. It is non-objective to self-analyze, however, never assume the state of your body. Nevertheless, always seek professional help and go to the nearest person you can approach such as the school nurse. In addition, never turn a blind eye to the symptoms of certain respiratory illnesses, may it be mild or severe. Invest in the betterment of your health for it can be your greatest wealth.