You are currently viewing Memories that Last: Unforgettable Years in AISAT

April 30, 2022

by Zette Saquian

Looking back to the day when I first took a step inside AISAT, I realized how time flies so fast. From the day I took my entrance exams for Senior High School admission up to the present where it’s time for me to bid farewell to the school that brought me so much joy, experience, and lessons to learn both in my course and in life. From the first day of classes up to my last days in AISAT, everything we’ve been through was a blast and completely unforgettable. We met new people, made new friends, and explored and shared our skills and talents. AISAT brought us together, and it has brought us up to this day in our lives. From the very first HI’s and hello’s to our last goodbyes and see you tomorrow’s, everything was a roller coaster ride that we never thought would end so soon. Our time in AISAT is one the best times in our lives because this is where we met people who helped us get through everything, people who we never thought would become so important to us. Our time in AISAT made us realize that there’s so much more we can do than just sitting around and looking at others to do the job. AISAT gave us so many opportunities to showcase our skills and talents, and it is one of the best experiences that helped us grow and thrive as aspiring aircraft mechanics and avionics. Our experiences in AISAT fueled our passion for the aviation industry, giving us the courage to continue moving forward in reaching our dreams and goals in life.

As a student of AISAT for six years, I can say that being here in this institution helped me find pieces of myself that I’ve been looking for. Joining activities and competitions boosted my self-confidence, and it brought me people that I can truly call my friends and family. The first time I entered AISAT was so challenging to me because it’s different from what I was used to. New faces and new challenges everyday. New opportunities and new people to work with. So many memories that would be difficult to erase. Memories that would be embedded within me for years to come. Our instructors and advisers helped us understand and slowly grow to the aspiring mechanics we are today. The knowledge they’ve imparted made us understand things that were mind-boggling to us before. They’ve helped us and guided us every step of the way. Supported us and even inspired us to do the best that we ever can. Taught us things that we never knew we could do as well. They became a significant part in our growth and in our lives. Because of AISAT, we were introduced to teachers and advisers that made us believe in ourselves in our capacity to do our best in our field.

AISAT is indeed the best, from the memories up to the experiences, AISAT has given us the opportunity to be able to grasp every moment we have. Every second of every day in AISAT was filled with memories that we will always remember. We are sincerely grateful that we were able to experience all of this, grateful for every moment spent as students of AISAT. As we depart soon, we will always carry with us the lessons we’ve learned and the attributes taught to us. We will cherish every moment spent here in AISAT, and soon when we are able to reach our goals in life, we will one day look back and realize how far we’ve come as students and aspiring mechanics of AISAT. One day we will proudly say “we’ve successfully let our dreams take flight.”


“Let your dreams take flight” – AISAT