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November 30, 2021

by Arbe Jay Polancos

This pandemic was unprecedented, unexpected, and inevitable in a way and in so many levels. Along with it came the anticipated hardships, struggles, and trials that many have faced and are still facing right now- depending on where you are at life. From common folk to business tycoons, teachers, working-class men, and of course— students, this pandemic has proved to be more than just the name itself.

Regardless if you are under the basic, elementary, high school, and college education, you are a victim of the pandemic. If you are from the public school, your learning mode mostly involves the utilization of modules, among other learning options. Parents with children under the kindergarten education struggled with how modules work. They have to relearn everything before they can actually teach their own child or children. Fortunately, in the private education sector, online learning is what is mostly utilized and that’s what separates the line. Although there are still struggles with this learning platform like internet connection issues, power outages, and device compatibilities, most of it were just minimal.

Struggles aside, this pandemic has brought out the best from other people too. I would even go and say that what they did despite the pandemic is very inspiring. From small victories to life-changing events, here are testimonies from students who have made a change from themselves and towards others:


“When I was in the face-to-face classes setup, as an introvert, I struggled mostly in my academics because I rarely speak up. I do not have a lot of confidence and I do not make friends that easily. Because of the online classes setup, I have exceled in my majors and I have made a few friends, well online friends. But at least there’s friendship, right? I know this isn’t much as an inspiring story but hey, this is still worth celebrating. I have made change within me and I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t.” – Jade


Small victories are still victories- always remember that. Here’s another:


“I am a working student. I was not a working student before the pandemic. I lived a life full of pleasures and privileges. I was from a well-off family. Money was somehow never an issue for me because my parents were there to provide for us. I dare say that I have everything a young-adult person wishes, and I know I did. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and all of a sudden, like the spokes of a wheel, my life turned upside down. A complete spiral, if you ask me. Our family business went downhill due to the lack of customers. My mother was so stressed since it was her only source of income and she got sick. She had the symptoms of the virus and she was hospitalized. However, like the cruel twist of fate, when we thought that our mother was going to die, our father took his unfair share. He was the one who caught the virus and died just days after contracting it. I did not know what to do. I was left with the responsibility as the eldest son. We needed money and I tried so many ways on how to earn some. I asked my classmates for suggestions but at first, I did not have the stomach to do it. I was so prideful. They told me to have odd jobs like becoming a delivery boy, a call center agent, and even vlog on YouTube. Long story short, after a long wrestle with my pride and my ego, I applied to a food delivery service and I was gladly accepted. Right now, I’m still doing it, I got used to it, and I would be forever grateful to it. For those of you who are struggling right now, accept it, then get back up because I assure you, you can only do it if you do it now. Thank you, sir Arbe!” – Ming


Whatever problems that come across us, always remember that we are not given these if we are not capable of overcoming it. Believe!


Here’s the last testimony:

“This is not much, sir Arbe but because of the pandemic, I have started reading books. Not the digital versions or web books, but actual physical books. During the pre-pandemic period, I have always told myself to one day pick up a book and read but it never happened. I was bombarded with so many tasks from my majors and I did not have the time to read anymore. Since March 2020, I have read 27 books so far. Ranging from fiction, non-fiction, and etc. Most of the genres that I read are thriller, romance, and action-packed. I like John Grisham and Harlan Coben. You can buy their books from BookSale in less than 100 pesos. Needless to say, I fell in love with books. Thank you sir!”  -Khaye


Needless also to say, I gave her two of my most cherished books. She’ll definitely love it.


With those statements, it is evident that even in the darkest of times, people will always find ways to cope up, keep up, and keep on living on. To you who’s reading this, it’s not too late to change and find something to do to keep you sane.