You are currently viewing Holiday Gains: Is It Worth It?

December 31, 2021

by Kimberly Deaño

It’s the season of holidays once again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are the celebration mostly awaited by people all over the world. Parties, family gatherings, and friends’ get-together are held in this festive season of the year. These events wouldn’t be the same without food being involved. Of course, who would let the foods and beverages pass by without trying. Even those people on diet make the holiday season as their “cheat day or season” for the delicious meals being served.

As the holiday season is full on and many stuffs are going on, weight gain is one of the situations that people are concerned about.  Whether because of the foods, the drinks, or just being on a vacation, people tend to mind their weight and body shapes once the season is over.

In the website, an article by Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, she listed myths and facts with regards to the holiday weight gain.

  1. Most people gain a full size. Many people tend to believe they had gain weight or body fats during the festive season. While others have really gained some kilogram or pounds, however, it’s just for about half a kilo or 1 pound up to a kilo or 2 pounds. That only means that even if we gain weight, a half kilo or 1 kilo doesn’t really change our overall weight. This weight gain is not the same as bloating as well. Reasons that individuals think they have holiday gains is due to bloating which they feel full and heavy. Bloating is triggered by the foods and drinks we have ingested during the meals and wasn’t being digested well.


  1. Exercise staves off holiday pounds. As holiday season is a season for vacations, we tend to rest and lazed around, going on a trip or visit our relatives and friends. Most people tend to forget their workout sessions or at least exercise for a couple of minutes just to sweat, burning fats and remove some toxins in our body. Although, workout may seem to be beneficial in keeping our weights on certain levels or fat loss, it is also beneficial in our health as it keeps our physical body strong and healthy. As most people want those fat-burning workouts or gaining muscles, there are other people who use workouts solely for lowering stress levels and improve their sleep.


  1. The “I’ll lose it in January”. As being said, although people gain a pound or two, exercising and workouts doesn’t really do much help in losing those weight for just a week or a month. Some of your holiday gains don’t really burn away and stay in your body. This is because of abandoning your workout or exercise schedules and your plans to maintain your body shape, weight or health. Even though it is the holiday season and it is the perfect time to rest, don’t just leave your daily lifestyle abruptly as it may cause you to gain back the weight you lost.



To conclude this, there are so many do’s and don’ts, however, the most important don’t is to not neglect and not cease the lifestyle you have been maintaining as it is a part of your daily activity. It is alright to eat or drink more or laze around, but keep track on your habits especially when it comes to the festive hours of the year.