You are currently viewing #Artober2021 – A Second Artober in Quarantine

October 31, 2021

by Mary Joy Saludo

Another October in Quarantine and many artists are still active in their communities nonetheless because of October art challenges. As many may be familiar, it started with the ever-famous #Inktober Challenge in which a set of art prompts are posted for every day of October. There are numerous other alternative challenges inspired by Inktober utilizing more mediums and prompts such as Drawtober, Drawlloween, Midnightober, Witchtober, SketchaWeen, Spelltober, and more!

And it’s another year in which artists from AISAT display their talents in their own renditions of the Artober prompts. From the IDT Department, we have Eduardo Millondaga and Marriane Solante with their entries and thoughts for this year.

Marriane is an artist with traditional entries for Inktober while Eduardo has digital entries for Hunktober. Even though he’s previously joined Inktober with traditional art, digital art is more convenient for him in his household. The two joined their individual events for very similar reasons– to practice and hone their skills and talents. Marriane’s entries focus more on hand art, while Eduardo’s Hunktober focused on muscle anatomy and male or furry characters. He also wanted to join because of his previous “failures” on the previous challenges. He’s participated in the challenges for 2017, 2018, and the beginning of COVID in 2020. Unfortunately, numerous artists will struggle to participate due to lack of inspiration, circumstances, and time such as the time his schedule became packed for the AISAT Intramurals. And since he wasn’t able to personally connect to the original Inktober or finish his prompts properly, he wished to be able to complete the full prompt with another October art prompt which was Hunktober. And that’s what he did! Ending October, he’s successfully and proudly completed all his prompts for all his followers to see.

Artober gives the artists a chance to conceive a variety of ideas depending on how they interpret each prompt. For Marriane wanting to draw and practice hand gestures, she sought ways to incorporate hands into the everyday drawings of October. Her personal favorite artwork for this year’s Inktober is for Day 3: Vessel featuring a different galactical species attempting to be and researching what is human. On the other hand, Ed’s favorite works are Day 2: Crow and Day 13: Punk, because the process was relatively easy for him and he achieved his desired result. In Punk, the style was a messy and “unpolished” render of his style.

The two actually do believe that the pandemic played a big part in their performance for Artober since it’s Solante’s first time participating and Millondaga’s first time completing every single day of the challenge. The two hope to participate again in next year’s challenges hopefully to improve on last year’s.

There is an Artober for everyone with different styles, mediums, and inspirations to try. The best part is it’s completely free for everyone regardless of skill, rank, interest, or age to enjoy and join the challenges. The important thing is to enjoy yourselves and the creative process experienced. And if you may not succeed this year, there’s always the next year to discover ourselves and our style.