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May 30, 2022

by Jon Lorence Panelo


As the academic year 2022-2023 comes to an end, the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology administration called for a summer class orientation last May 2, 2022. Initially, an announcement regarding the summer online enrollment registration was emailed to all AISAT students by the school registrar as early as April 25, 2022. The schedule for the summer online enrollment registration started last May 9, 2022, and will end on June 2, 2022, only. The enrollment is open for the bridging class of AvM students, other courses with summer offerings, returnees, senior high school students, and OJT enrollment. To qualify for enrollment, students must clear all their account balances, returnees must be cleared from their clearances, and an approval from the program heads is needed for subjects not listed in the announcement.

As stated in the instructions for the summer class enrollment, students must first complete the attached online registration form restricted to AISAT email accounts truthfully: Next, students must attach the proof of down payment of P2,000 to the registration form. Third, the notice of registration serves as proof of enrollment. Lastly, aviation students do not need to enroll in the OJT subject on the registration form as they are automatically enrolled in AVI 250 once assigned and scheduled by the placement office for OJT either with Adventure Flight Education and Sports, Inc. (the school’s sister company) or other companies. For the amount payable, tuition will be computed based on the number of lecture and lab units, and lab fees are still based on the discounted online fees. Also, for the incoming 1st year, and current Aviation Management students who have not yet taken the AvM bridging subject, the fee for bridging is P1,000 deducted from the down payment. The balance is payable before students enroll for the next semester and they can verify their statement of accounts in the AISAT student portal: For any questions on enrollment, students can approach Ma’am Hazel Joy Barnes, School Registrar, through


The list of subjects is also attached in the announcement and the 2nd year AMT & AET students are given the option to choose either AVI 250, face-to-face OJT, or GE 3 and GE 9, Understanding the Self, and Reading Visual Arts, respectively. During the summer orientation, it was emphasized that 2nd year AMT & AET students must choose between having their OJT only or taking up their GE subjects only as doing both would not be possible due to conflicts in schedule. However, the 2nd year AMT & AET students can simultaneously do both their GE subjects and their laboratory classes. Another reason for the summer offering option for the said students is that there are only limited slots. This coming academic year 2022-2023, the 2nd year AMT & AET students would be asked to choose either to have their OJT on Mondays & Tuesdays, and classes on Wednesdays to Fridays, or have their OJT on Thursdays & Fridays, and classes on Mondays to Wednesdays. For any questions on OJT, students can approach Ma’am Joahna Paula Cruz, Placement Officer, through


In addition, for the 3rd year AMT & AET students, GE 7 Ethics, and Life and Works of Rizal are open this summer. Special subjects that require a minimum of ten students are also open this summer. However, if the minimum number of students is not reached, upon valid consent of all, the students must share the balance of the remaining slots. The special subjects open this summer are the following: AV DRAW, Aviation Drawing with Cad; AV PHYSICS, Aviation Physics; AMT 211, Electrical Fundamentals; and AV MATH 1, Aviation Mathematics I. For the BS AvM Bridging Class, Basic Financial Accounting, all incoming first-year AvM students are automatically enrolled in AvM bridging and do not need to fill out the enrollment form. However, if the current senior high school classes of the students conflict with the bridging class schedule, the students can still take the bridging class during the next academic year. All current AvM students who have not yet taken the bridging class during the last academic year are also advised to take the bridging class this summer as it is a requirement for graduation under the BS AvM program. Moreover, students who graduated with the ABM strand during their senior high school are excused from the bridging class provided that their final grades for both ABM 1 & 2 are 80% and above.

Furthermore, for the BS EMC offerings under digital animation, the following 2nd year subjects are open this summer: IDT 233, Animating Flight Controls; IDT 234, Aviation with Computer-Aided Design; and GE 7, Ethics. Also, under the same program, the following 3rd year subjects are open this summer: GE 10, Philippine Popular Culture; Life and Works of Rizal; and DAT PRJ 1, Capstone Project 1. Additionally, for the BS EMC offerings under game development, the following 3rd year subjects are open this summer: GE 10, Philippine Popular Culture; Life and Works of Rizal; and GDT PRJ 1, Capstone Project 1. All of the abovementioned subjects, except GE 10, Philippine Popular Culture, has no minimum number of students requirement as these are regular summer offerings in the BS EMC curriculum. For any questions, IDT students can approach Ma’am Leslei Kaye Lodia-Bernaldez, IDT Program Head, through


A recording of the summer class orientation was also posted in the Proof of Payment Classroom and can be accessed via Google Drive:


Also, the summer class announcement containing the enrollment procedure and list of subjects available can be accessed via Google Docs:



Lastly, the registration form for OJT and lab for the 2nd year AMT & AET students can be accessed via Google Forms: