By: Justin John Dulogin

Awestruck and heartfelt appreciation– teachers were caught by amazement as AISAT students had its celebration of World’s Teachers’ Day last October 1, 2018 held at AISAT’s gymnasium. 

The surprise tribute was carefully planned by the Supreme Student Government (SSG) and the tasks were distributed to each class president in every level. Each section made its own one-minute-heartfelt-group videos to express its gratitude towards the students’ class advisers.The videos were followed by gift -giving and sharing of messages from each of the sections’ representatives to their beloved teachers. 

To heighten their appreciation, the school also had raffle promos and gift certificates solely intended for the teachers. Such affectionate act deeply moved the teachers as students commemorated their hard work in offering their everything to provide high quality education to the students.

Mabuhay kayo minamal naming guro!.