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February 28, 2021

by Jon Lorence Panelo

Some AISAT students were recently asked the question “Why AISAT?” and answered by posting it in their respective Facebook accounts through an uploaded video. Specifically, some of those students were from BS Aviation Management – 1A who shared their thoughts about why they chose AISAT as the institution to let their dreams take flight. But before that, way back in December 2020, Atty. Myra Ann Wee-Toe Hio, school president, instructed me to ask some AISAT students the question “Why AISAT?” as the school would not utilize the Google Meet Recording posted in the Google classroom marketing purposes. However, there was a misinterpretation on my part as I thought that I would be asking some students to answer the question “Why AISAT?” and post a video personally on their respective Facebook accounts, where in fact, Ma’am Myra actually just asked for a review in AISAT Davao’s Facebook Page while answering the question “Why AISAT?”. Nevertheless, after posting our respective promotional videos, the results turned out well, and Ma’am Myra appreciated the students’ advertising efforts.

As the aviation management representative, I took the initiative of accepting the offer by the school’s marketing and admissions officer, Ma’am Vikktoria Villamor, of marketing the aviation management program through a promotional video. This was where I got the idea that I would be asking some students why they chose AISAT and some of my classmates, specifically, why aviation management. On Christmas eve, December 24, 2020, some of my classmates and I decided to upload our respective promotional videos just in time to greet everyone a Merry Christmas. As my classmates asked what to wear while taking the video, we decided to wear any AISAT identity uniform or accessories. This new and normal setting also shifted how we students would also market our beloved school, especially our current degree in aviation management.

Wearing the AISAT logo pin, AISAT nameplate, and an aircraft pin on my coat was the AISAT identity I chose to wear for my video. Through my video, I shared my experience of why I chose AISAT and why AISAT is the best, and how AISAT molded me to become the student and the person I am today. My promotional video was also the best opportunity for me to thank my school, its administrators, faculty, and staff for harnessing my skills and competencies, all while building my character in preparation for my future career as early as a senior high school up until I proceeded to AISAT’s newest offering, my first choice, BS Aviation Management Major in Airline Operations.

Furthermore, France Fetti Yvonne Lingaya, from BS Aviation Management – 1A, an outstanding diligent student awardee, also took part in the promotional video wearing the senior high school and college aviation uniform as she shared why she also chose AISAT since senior high school and proceeded to aviation management while looking like an aviator herself. Further, Mitch Hazel Dandoy, also from BS Aviation Management – 1A, an outstanding diligent student awardee and a new student to AISAT, gladly accepted the offer and shared her thoughts on why she chose AISAT. She wore her AISAT Wednesday shirt even if she is from General Santos City and as she is currently taking up her online classes in Japan.

As the students from aviation management posted their respective promotional videos, some students from the aviation department shared their thoughts about why they chose AISAT even in this new and normal setting. One of those students is Jazel Anne Al-ag from BS AET – 1A, an outstanding diligent student awardee and a new student who wore her AISAT Wednesday shirt. Besides stating in her promotional video why she chose AISAT, she also emphasized the importance of attitude over altitude, which AISAT continuously inculcates in its students.

Even in this new normal setting, AISAT never fails to surprise its students with many opportunities beyond the Google classroom. From the Altitude school paper to the RevUp Campus Ministry and the rest of AISAT’s clubs and organizations, all of those mentioned above are just a few of what AISAT has to offer amidst the pandemic. With that, I am once again inviting everyone to choose AISAT as the institution to mold you to become globally competitive, may it be as early as senior high school, and then proceed to take up either aircraft maintenance, aviation electronics, animation, game development, hotel, and restaurant services, or AISAT’s newest offering, my second home, BS Aviation Management Major in Airline Operations. Here in AISAT, let your dreams take flight!