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November 16, 2020

by Jon Lorence Panelo

 Presenting AISAT’s newest offering! The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management Major in Airline Operations, designed to help students excel in the fast-paced aviation industry! From being a future manager, human resource person, economist, cabin crew, or even an aviation lawyer, as a generalist course, this is the program where you can be anyone that you want to be! The vast subjects offered by this course offering include management, business law, business research, and even foreign language as an elective to expand its scope as a globally competitive program. With professors from various industries, students in this program are indeed trained to be prepared in their future real-world job settings through the case and industry analyses, research papers, and a wide spectrum of assignments that cover areas in management, business, aviation, and even a combination of all the aforementioned. With the aviation industry contributing to more than hundreds of billions of dollars annually to the economies of numerous countries and employing millions of people across all walks of life, the key staff, operational, and executive positions are awarded to professionals who display an in-depth knowledge of aviation as well as an extraordinary skill for the business.

Specifically, AISAT’s Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management Major in Airline Operations is a degree intended to produce future aviation managers, who understand the core theoretical foundations of aviation operational management with course content that covers a broad sweep in aviation. The degree covers a wide range of areas and aims to develop skills including critical thinking and decision making through topics including airline marketing, aviation safety and security, corporate planning, flight operations, and airport management. Students are exposed to current aviation topics and contemporary air transport problems. The degree provides a solid base for pursuing careers in aviation including various roles in airlines and related industries. Other prospective employers include airports, government agencies, tourism authorities, freight forwarders, ground handling, and even airline catering operators.

As an aviation management student myself, it was my childhood dream to work in the aviation industry someday. Upon my graduation in AISAT’s Senior High School program, which helped pave the way in preparation for my degree, I immediately got hooked with the subjects under the aviation management program. Also, as an outgoing person who dreams of traveling to see the world, it is with utmost certainty that indeed, this program would take me wherever I dream to be. The vast areas for learning provided by this course  are the reasons that motivate me to strive to become an even better version of myself. Despite the shift to online classes, I am forever grateful to our professors for meeting us in our live lectures and constantly inculcating in us their experiences from the abundant industries they come from. Our class works are even diversified beyond traditional quizzes and assignments as we are faced with research papers and situational case and industry analyses that exercise our abilities in decision making and critical thinking as one of the future managers in the aviation industry.

With that being said, I am encouraging everyone including you, yes you who are reading this right now to join us as we all together mold ourselves to become one of the skilled, competent, and well-versed aviation managers of the future! Our program accepts new enrollees this coming 2nd Semester of School Year 2020-2021. Our next online admission test is scheduled on December 1, 2020, for the entrance test, and December 6, 2020, for the essay test. Send AISAT Davao’s Official Facebook Page a private message now for your initial registration! Here in AISAT, let your dreams take flight!