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October 16, 2020

by Jon Lorence Panelo

Do you have what it takes to become a Student Assistant? Then allow me, your Research and Community Extension Office Student Assistant, to take you on a guided tour not just on how to be one but also on the perks and experiences of being one. It was during the second semester of the school year 2019-2020 when the first batch of AISAT Student Assistants was commenced by our Head of Student Affairs – Mr. Dwight Dave Quiño, School Administrator – Mr. Matty Joey Torres, and our ever-supportive school President – Atty. Myra Ann Wee-Toe Hio. Back then, only a few Student Assistants were approved, namely: April Ann Brillantes from BS EMC as the IT Office Student Assistant, Oliver Caminade from AMT as the Aviation Laboratory Student Assistant, and yours truly, from BS AvM as the Research and Community Extension Office Student Assistant. However, do get your hopes up, my fellow AISAT students! As soon as we are back to face to face classes, more slots will be available to all those willing and able!

To become one, presented below is the outline of the guidelines for the Student Assistant Scholarship or SAS Program, as also reflected on page 29 of our student handbook.

  1. This offering is only available to Filipino AISAT college (either BS or 2-year program) who are enrolled in AISAT during the preceding semester as full-time students. However, it is not available to Senior High School students and transferees.
  2. The program has a limited number of slots allotted per semester by the AISAT Board of Directors, and the application schedule will be announced by posting such notice on the OSA bulletin board soon as we go back to face to face classes.
  3. Qualified applicants shall enjoy a 100% discount on tuition fees, provided that the student assistant scholar maintains a grade of at least 83% in all subjects and a general average of 85%.
  4. The applicant’s total household income must not be more than P250, 000.00 per year.
  5. A Student Assistant must render 10 hours of college service per week (2 hours per day, from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM); including two weeks or 80 hours during the subsequent summer vacation. Successful applicants who do not have sufficient free period during school hours must agree to withdraw some subjects in order to render the mentioned college service required.
  6. The scholarship grant is not a vested right and is subject to evaluation at the end of each semester. The following are for evaluation purposes: the grades from the preceding semester, the recommendation letter from the assigned office posted, indicating the attendance and tardiness record, and the OSA, which indicates that the applicant has not violated any school rule and actively participates in school activities.
  7. Any student assistant scholar who commits a major offense will automatically be disqualified from the SA scholarship program.
  8. A student assistant scholar who wants to withdraw from the program in the middle of the semester will be required to pay the proportionate tuition fee for the semester.
  9. An SA with poor attendance or excessive tardiness will be dropped from the SA program.

For more information regarding the procedure and required documents in the Student Assistance Scholarship application, kindly refer to pages 30 and 31 of our student handbook, respectively.

As a student assistant approaching one year of service, every single day at my assigned office is exciting as a student assistant’s life is an experience of continuous learning. You get to experience what it is like working at an office and, at the same time, develop the interpersonal skills that you would be able to apply no matter what industry and groups of people you plan to work with. It is such an honor to serve my Head of Office, Head of Research and Community Extension Director, Dr. Gerlieta Ruiz, for the betterment of the students and the institution. Being able to witness first-hand the successful completion of both college and senior high school graduating students’ research papers was indeed a fulfilling experience. Even in simple ways of responding to their queries, it was both a win-win learning experience for both the students and the student assistant.

My experience was even extended to serving the school’s adopted communities through the community extension initiatives of my head of the office. It was an opportunity that ignited my sense of duty to be of service, most especially to those in need. Together with AISAT administrators, faculty and staff, and being with the AISAT Serves Community Extension Team was such a fulfilling privilege. With a grateful heart towards my school, the school administrators, and my head of the office, being given this opportunity is full of memories worthy of being treasured not just in my study life but also as a professional one day.

Reaching out to my fellow student assistants for their experiences, April Ann Brillantes from BS EMC, IT Office Student Assistant, mentioned: “Imagine having the opportunity to help your family in their financial issue, and at the same time gain experience in work. Well, that is a great opportunity for me that made me push effort and gain this slot of scholarship. After dealing with the paperwork and the process, I finally got the slot and enjoyed being inside the office while I help my professor, School IT Officer – Engr. Jenny Ephan. After my classes, I would then go to the office and spend  2 hours there doing my tasks and have a small chit-chat with my professor, it is fun and professional at the same time. Not only do I help the school out, but I also gain a lot of new learnings and work experiences that will surely help me in the future. So heads up my fellow AISAT students and try it soon!”

Furthermore, Oliver Caminade from AMT, Aviation Laboratory Student Assistant, also added, “Throughout my experience as an SA, it is not just about work but also to get ready for the real job in the future. Being assigned to work in the aviation laboratory gave me an advantage as an AMT student because I got to memorize the tools and equipment used in maintaining an aircraft. I encourage those students who are in need of help in sustaining their tuition fees to apply. Being an SA allowed me to enjoy a 100% discount on tuition fees and it is a great help to my parents. It is indeed fun to become an SA all while working, learning, and striving to release my potential in achieving my goals with the help of my Head of Office, School Tool Keeper, Mr. Francisco Virador”.

We, your current AISAT student assistants, are encouraging our fellow AISAT students to join us in this endeavor of being of service not just to our head of offices and to our school, but most especially to our fellow AISAT students as we all together let all of our dreams take flight!