You are currently viewing Valentine’s Day: Hearty Wellness

February 28, 2021

by Kimberly Deaño

Flowers, chocolates, dates…Hearts pitter-patter…It’s finally the season of love, the month of romance, or what we call Valentine’s Day. Are you ready to begin? Are you ready to finish the celebration?

February – the month of love, a month dedicated to romance and all about love – couples, family, friends, or even yourself. Valentine’s Day, a celebration made for love on the 14th day of February. Mostly it is spent by couples who go on a date, give flowers and chocolates or bring their lover to a restaurant or eat something out.

As we spend Valentine’s Day, our body is filled with sugary treats such as chocolates, candies, cakes, etc., and also fatty oily foods that we really like to eat. On this day, our diet is set back or infamously called a “cheat day” for those who want to eat their favorite food without minding their dietary plan.

Sweets such as chocolates and cakes are always our guilty pleasure, especially at this love celebration. Chocolates are seen as the sweet treat that always contributes to weight gain and even tooth decay, hence can also do well in our body as such can reduce risk factors for heart diseases and can be an antioxidant due to its main ingredient cacao. However, too much intake can make us obese and lead to several health problems.

Greasy foods can also contribute to fat deposition in our body and indigestion of food. Though there are salads and healthy meals served, most of us wanted to cheat on our diet especially to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, reunions, or Valentine’s Day. We tend to eat our favorite meals and snacks, wanting to be free and happy on this special day. It is not bad to eat these kinds of foods but we have to do it in moderation. We can eat our favorite oily foods but downsize them and eat fresh fruits as desserts, drink lots of water, probiotic drink, or even take a short walk. Also, don’t lie on your bed or sleep right after you eat your meal. It may cause bloating and indigestion.

Alcoholic drinks, sure these drinks can also be present during dining. Alcohols have the effect to lessen the greasiness of the food that we eat. It has also the blood-thinning effect to prevent the thickening of our blood or blood clotting. Alcohols like wines have antioxidant as well that raise good cholesterol levels that came from the grape skins. Though alcohols, when taken into moderate amounts can be used to prevent any cardiovascular diseases, too much consumption may also lead to numerous diseases like liver problems, obesity, high blood pressure, miscarriage for pregnant people, or even death due to accidents.

Love….this is the special recipe for this day. Love is full of mysteries that make us excited, happy, or even make our heart beats fast. Being in a relationship helps our life become healthy and productive. When strong relationships are built, they can grant us happiness and pleasure in life. Love relieves our stresses just by spending time with our loved ones – may they be your lover, a friend or your family. The help of feeling loved and being supported makes our lives better and improves our health, not just from our heart but our overall body – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Love is not just a word. Love is not just a feeling. Love protects us from the risk of many diseases, prevent death, and lengthen our life. Love makes us happy deep inside that releases many good hormones throughout our body. Love…romantic or not…makes our life easier, happier, and healthier.

In this month of love, let’s spend time with our loved ones. Let’s make this month full of surprises. Give something that can benefit both you and your loved one’s health, and your wallet. Spend time by walking, giving fruits, cooking healthy meals with vegetables, take a trip to somewhere that you will enjoy and relax, or even tell a joke or humor which are good for your heart and body. Not just in this month, but every day, let’s make an effort to spend time with them.