You are currently viewing Unleashing the Potential: AISAT Opens Doors to Volleyball Varsity Team

August 30, 2023

by Jeremiah Agonia

The academic year 2023-2024 of the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) has officially started and a profusion of activities and programs awaits the students. While the month of August slowly unfolds, it is indisputable that the school is thrilled to divulge the plans that they have for the two semesters. Plans that will surely open numerous opportunities not just for the students but also for the school to improve and discover new things.

As an institution that does not only focus on academic excellence, the AISAT has the vision of molding its students to excel in sports, arts, and other aspects that shape an individual’s character. One of the exciting things that the students can look forward to this academic year is the intention of the school to open a volleyball varsity team for both men and women.

Being an avid fan of volleyball since college and as someone who plays the sport, Sir Ron Mante, a Physical Education teacher, made his vision of forming the team turn into reality. However, the process was not as easy as it may seem. According to him, the proposition has been going on since summer 2023 but was put on hold at first. This did not hinder him from pushing through because of how he saw the potential of the sport in the institution. Behind his eagerness to form the team is how he witnessed the willingness and commitment of the students who kept on asking him to create one. He says:

“I cannot let that passion pass without trying.”

The motive of creating the team does not solely rely on competing in volleyball leagues but is also a way for the school to develop discipline, respect, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and being God-fearing towards future players. Besides, players will become school scholars and will receive the advantage of having a discounted tuition fee depending on their respective average grades while playing the sport that they love.

As the months passed by, the school President finally approved the plan. Indeed, it was the light at the end of the tunnel for Sir Ron who had been motivated to make everything work. As of now, the proper arrangement of forming the team is scheduled to be done after the intramurals. This includes the start of preparation for the dates of tryouts during the second semester and the coaching staff. Surely, this will become more exciting as the school is eyeing to let the varsity team participate in the Private School Athletic Association (PRISAA) games and other leagues during summertime.

While the preparation is still ongoing this semester, the school is inviting and encouraging every student who has the passion to play the volleyball sport to join the said tryouts. It is their aim to discover the best players that could bring and represent the name of the school.

Truly, The future holds great promise for the AISAT volleyball program, and the school is eager to witness its name soar to new heights through the dedication and talent of its volleyball players.