You are currently viewing Trip to the Future: Enjoying Life while Planning Ahead

November 30, 2021

by Zette Saquian

When we talk about the future, we are constantly unsure of what will happen, or if the future will be as good as we had hoped, or if everything goes according to plan. It causes you to feel worried, doubtful, and sometimes afraid that everything may fall apart if we make hasty decisions. We always look forward to the future, and it encourages us to plan ahead and weigh every move we make, but we sometimes forget to live in the present. We lose sight of the fact that we still have a life to live in the present because we are preoccupied with something that hasn’t happened yet; we are preoccupied with the what ifs and the possibilities that everything will fall apart if we don’t stick to our plans, but, that’s the beauty of life, you always have plenty of opportunities to do the things you enjoy and carve out the route you choose for your future. Every bad decision we make now or in the past is a critical lesson that will help us grow and learn what we need to do to put things right.

In this world, there are three categories of people: those who are still stuck in the past, those who are too anxious about the future, and those who are too caught up on the pleasures in the present. There are many reasons why people want to live in a specific period in time, but is it truly a good thing to be so anchored? When you think about it, has there ever been a time when too much of something was good for someone? Unlikely. Living in the past entails repeatedly injuring yourself by recalling all of the traumatic events that have already occurred. Even if you wanted to move on with your life, how could you if you refused to let your wounds heal? How would you let go if you keep allowing it to harm you? Even if it’s nearly impossible, there are instances when there’s nothing else we can do but accept the past and move on with our lives. The more you stay in the past, the less likely you are to see the light of day. The past is only a lesson that we must learn, a lesson that will help us to improve and not be enslaved by grief and misery. Yes, it is difficult, but if you allow it to overwhelm you, nothing positive will ever happen. These lessons will help you go forward and live in the present, ideally pointing you in the right direction for your future.

We tend to be concerned about what we should do to make things work because the present and the future are so intertwined. We sometimes over-analyze things to the point that we don’t do them because we’re afraid they’ll ruin everything. We can also become so caught up in the moment that we fail to plan ahead and take responsibility for what may occur. We don’t take responsibility for our actions because we’re afraid of being blamed and ridiculed, but does it really matter? The opinions of others about you? The most important thing is that you’re being honest with yourself and with others. That you’re accepting responsibility rather than avoiding it. How can you learn and build a bright future if you keep running away from the mistakes and lessons you need to learn? How can you grow if you keep blaming others for your own failures in order to save face and keep living the life you’ve always known? It is fine to live in the moment and enjoy yourself, but it’s immature to stop thinking about what can happen and how to deal with the consequences. We’re no longer children, and we need to find a middle ground. No more relying on others and being afraid. Learn to take charge of your current actions by standing up and taking responsibility for them. Learn to plan ahead of time, not just once, but on a regular basis. There are 26 letters in the alphabet; if getting to the letter Z is what it takes, so be it. It is critical to plan and assume accountability in order to avoid getting lost and confused in life. Whatever choices we make may lead us down to different paths, and it is up to us to be prepared and be strong enough to deal with whatever comes our way. Learn to appreciate life while being responsible enough to deal with events that may cause you to doubt yourself. Life is like a journey to another destination. We must constantly have a plan or itinerary in order to avoid getting lost.

We can always find attractions and situations that make us happy and content while traveling, but we can’t stay in the same place forever; we have to move on to our next destination so that we can see and realize that there’s more to it if we simply keep moving forward. As time passes, we may always look back, not to mourn, but to reminisce about the good experiences that made us happy. Every action we do now is a step towards the future. Enjoy every moment, but keep your responsibilities in mind. Live in the moment, but make sure to plan ahead. Nothing is more terrifying than losing yourself and your way to what is meant for you. Every day, learn to go forward. Grow and discover what life has to offer. Understand and internalize all of the lessons you’ve been taught, and use them to pave the way for your future.


“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandhi