You are currently viewing Travelling amidst Pandemic: Cheap Flights offered by Cebu Pacific and AirAsia

March 31, 2021

by Zette Saquian

Travelling has always been a trend and ever since, a way of relaxation and exploration. Traveling from one place to another has brought happiness and lessons to people around the world, may it be from travel experience or just from photographs they’ve seen. Travelling has also improved every country’s economic status due to the attractions and products they have. People travel for various reasons, may it be leisure, business, or personal circumstances. Some people travel because they want to explore and enjoy every moment of their lives, and some just want to escape the reality they’re in and hopefully heal from whatever pain and struggles they’re in.

Unfortunately, ever since the pandemic started, tourism and the aviation industry have slowed down and decreased their sales. People are scared of getting the virus from other people and other places, thus stopped them from traveling again. Another reason is money, because of the quarantine, some businesses and establishments were temporarily closed, some even closed permanently, leaving some people jobless and unemployed. Making everyone’s situation a lot difficult than it ever was. A lot of people, businesses, and industries are greatly affected by this ongoing pandemic and health protocols that must be followed. It is a difficult time for all of us, especially those people who are relying solely on their jobs. Several cabin crews in the past months have been laid-off because of the economic crisis the aviation industry is going through due to the threat of the virus. Travel plans have been canceled and some people are losing their jobs. Travel goers and adventure-seekers are now stuck at home waiting for the day that everything will go back to the way it was before, and to the day that they will be able to travel once again.

Since the announcement that a vaccine has been made, some airline companies are now offering cheap flights for travel goers that may be interested to travel amidst the threat of the virus. Cebu Pacific and AirAsia are some of the known airline companies that offer cheap flights since then, but now they are offering cheaper flights to convince people to travel again. Cebu Pacific has offered domestic and international flights with base fares for as low as Php1. They have also scheduled flights to ensure the organization of passengers and the proper social distancing on board. The same way goes for Airasia in which they offer flights with a base fare of Php0.25. Mandatory procedures are also implemented to ensure the safety of the passengers such as: wearing face shields and face masks throughout the entire flight and sanitizing. Passengers are required to confirm and verify their flight schedules before going to the airport. Passengers are also required to have an online check-in to maintain contactless flight procedures and to avoid a queue in check-in counters. Passengers with baggage may proceed to the self-bag tag kiosks before dropping off their bags and then proceed to their designated gates. Counters will close one (1) hour before the flight schedules.

Though it is such a temptation, people need to think about it properly first. Even if the vaccine is slowly distributed throughout the country, the virus is still there and people shouldn’t be complacent about it. If you have the urge to travel once more, health protocols must be followed to ensure that the passengers and cabin crews will have a safe and enjoyable trip. So if you’re itching to go out and travel once again, book now, follow protocols, make memories amidst the pandemic, and enjoy the rest of your trip.


“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” – Asian Proverb