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March 31, 2021

by Justin John Dulogin

Face masks and face shields have become popular in our “modern standard” wardrobes, particularly when everyone is expected to wear both when leaving the house. As a result of incorporating these things into our everyday lives, some people have begun to search for ways to change them to fit their needs or even their personal style.

During the height of the pandemic, a popular Copper Face Mask brand, known for being the first and original copper-infused facemask in the world, trended online due to its design, durability, functionality, and popularity, has been trending anew these past few days.

Even so, we must try not to put our well-being at risk for the sake of fashion or trends. At the height of their popularity last year, the Food and Drug Administration advised against using face masks with valves among people who were bothered by the humid and exhalation-restrictive nature of regular face masks.

Due to its recorded antimicrobial properties, face masks made with infused copper strands are becoming popular at the moment. Copper face masks are not an impenetrable barrier against COVID-19. Copper face masks are among the personal protective equipment not permitted on the premises of Makati Medical Center, according to an online advisory. It’s in the same category as face masks with valves.

Fears of the pandemic have sparked interest in metallic goods that claim to have antimicrobial properties. Experts, on the other hand, are skeptical of the copper craze. Copper has been shown to help reduce the spread of E. coli, salmonella, and influenza by killing microbes. When copper comes into contact with a germ, it can release reactive ions that puncture the germ’s exterior, according to Karrera Djoko, a biochemist and microbiologist at Durham University. The ions can then gain access to the germ’s interior, affecting its material.

In the wake of false information circulating online, the Department of Health (DOH) clarified the situation in order to avoid any more public misunderstanding regarding how COVID-19 is transmitted.

According to a recent ABS-CBN online news article, the Department of Health confirms that the Copper Face Mask, despite not being approved as a medical-grade, will help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Doctor Adam Smith, a famous YouTuber, gave his brutal thoughts on the popular Copper Mask. Doc Adam claimed that the mask has only been seen on Filipino celebrities. As he looked it up, he learned that copper masks were not protected by Australia’s extensive face mask guidelines. Second, he doubts that these masks are entirely made of copper. Although he acknowledges that adding more copper to the mask makes it more effective, he also tells viewers that scientific evidence supporting the increased effectiveness of copper masks is minimal.

Kung sakaling may isang mask na talagang epektibo para maiwasan ang COVID, ipapaalam nila ‘yan sa mga frontline workers katulad ko, so I could educate my patients and help avoid COVID,” he explained.

Doc Adam also stated that “the suggestion that copper masks were better at defending against viruses than normal masks were ‘dubious,’” according to Williams Schaffner, medical director of the US National Foundation for Infectious Disease.

Finally, there is a gaping hole at the bottom of the mask, which is the most noticeable flaw. “Bakit gusto ninyo gumawa ng isang mask na may butas?! Hindi ko gets,” the doctor said with a chuckle.

What is his final verdict? Copper masks are fashionable, but they are not any better than standard surgical masks. They might not be chic, but they are still the best security for the general public and the kind that he would prescribe as a doctor.

He also urged celebrities to be more critical of the products they sell to the public, as the danger should be greater during the pandemic.

Doc Adam also has a suggestion for those who are just buying into the hype because celebrities are promoting it: “maybe just use your common sense.