You are currently viewing Team AISAT put their brave faces on during the TDR Trail Series—TDR 80 and Spicy 50 Marathon

Krizza Lorraine Rivas

September 30, 2022

The TDR 80 Ultra Marathon is part of the TDR Trail Series organized by the Team Davao Runners every year since 2013. The COVID-19 pandemic halted this yearly event for three consecutive years. 

Its 8th edition was initially dated March 14–15, 2020, to be staged together with the first-ever Spicy50. On the 10th of March 2020, Race Director Grant A. Gutierrez released an official announcement stating the TDR 80 and Spicy 50 Marathons will be postponed in compliance with health protocols. Former President Rodrigo Duterte declared a State of Public Health Emergency after the COVID-19 transmission alert was raised to Code Red Sub-level 1 on March 9, 2020. 

On the 4th of July, the Team Davao Runners posted their long-awaited comeback for this year’s TDR 80 Ultra Marathon and Spicy 50 Marathon with an enticing and exciting video. Registration for the TDR 80 Ultra Marathon was already full since February 2020 but the registration for Spicy50 Marathon was reopened this year from August 1 to 20.

In light of the new normal, they envisioned a new route with a total distance of 83 km and a total elevation gain of 1,525 meters for TDR 80 and a total distance of 51 km and a total elevation gain of 1,103 meters for Spicy50. Truly, with the total distance and elevation, the finishers have every right to brag. 

Our very own Team AISAT has not only one finisher but five finishers at that. Sir Rhoen Roy Estribor, from the aviation faculty, said that it was quite difficult because it was his first time running on an open road and that they had not had enough time to train.

Sir Joemar Quiñanola also stated that this marathon was more challenging than the ones he had previously participated in because of the elevation from Panacan to Eden. He also added that these events can push us to our limits—physically and mentally. There even came a time when he questioned whether he should continue after sustaining an injury to his right knee. Regardless, he put a brave face on and decided to push through, even joining another race a week later.

After reaching the finish line, they all said it was worth it. They relished the joy and fulfillment of surmounting the challenges they faced.

Do you aspire to take on this challenge? Sir Estribor and Sir Quiñanola cited a few things to prepare. First and foremost, this feat requires training one’s physical and mental endurance. Second, one should prepare the following necessities: phone, pocket money, extra batteries, and mandatory gear (i.e., headlamp, blinker, hydration bag and container, shoes, etc.). 

As they say, words matter. Here are some inspirational words from our instructors to teach us how to conquer a race, even the race that is called life. 

“In order for us to reach our goal, all we have to do is to keep moving forward. Basta pag di na kayang itakbo, ilakad mo nalang. Kung di narin kaya, igapang mo nalang…as long as you keep moving forward.” – Sir Rhoen Roy Estribor

“Practice makes you better. Just enjoy the race and focus on your goal.” – Sir Joemar Quiñanola