Mary Joy Therese Saludo

October 10, 2022

On October 5, 2022, the Asian International School of Aeronautics & Technology celebrated Teachers’ Day at the AISAT Homitori Gymnasium. The event was carefully prepared by the SSC and OSA. The team worked hard to prepare for this day from preparing the venue the day before, the flow of the program, and even their own dance performances. The celebration began at 9:00am on that Wednesday morning with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and AISAT Hymn. The celebration was enjoyed not only by the students but also the faculty, admin, and staff.


The opening prayer was led by Gino Paulo Albutra, the PIO of the SSC. And the Opening Remarks were said by the School President, Atty. Myra Wee Toe-Hio, to get the program started. Multiple gifts were prepared for the teachers by several students including snacks, flowers, and cakes. The SSC prepared beautiful red roses and complimentary Teachers’ Day mugs for every one of the instructors. Videos were also prepared from each department for specific teachers and were then compiled for presentation during the event for the teachers and students to all witness together. In addition, singing performances were performed by a number of students from Jan Zhane Galvez and Third Abdulrahman’s company for everyone’s entertainment. Then, the dance presentation was a combined effort of our own AISAT Teachers, the SSC, and the Sinagtala Dance Company. The crowd cheered for the displayed talents and efforts in each and every performance.


Right before the dance presentation, games were also prepared for the teachers to get out of their chairs and move around. Faculty, admin, staff and students all participated in the parlor games such as the tug of war, Putokan na, and exciting the newspaper dance. Students all over the gymnasium cheered in support of the players and their personal favorite pairs. Some students even prepared their own tarpaulin presentation for Sir Jetric Aranas to wave in the crowd to catch their attention.


Winners of the games all received their awards and an awarding ceremony of AISAT Service was done by Ma’am Myra for the deserving teachers. Moreover, additional prizes of half sacks of rice were given in a Raffle Draw hosted by Sir Dwight Dave Quiño.


All these and more were captured by the production team at Cinephiles who created their SDE of the celebration with the iconic soundtrack from Naruto. A special thanks to Marc Steven Vegafria for the incredible videos, Cobs Neri for the phenomenal editing, Christian Japson for the astounding drone shots, Vinze Jan Santos for the production staff, and Andrei Vidanes for the photography. Those who were unable to attend or those who wish to reminisce may check out the video production at the AISAT Cinephiles page.


A special thanks and appreciation mini-celebration was given to Sir Dwight Dave Quiño by members of his SSC members who brought him balloons and bouquets to commemorate his time in AISAT as he will be bidding his farewell as the OSA after 3 fulfilling years. His efforts and contributions to the school will not be forgotten especially working so well with his team of SSC. 


Lastly, the celebration ended at 12:00 noon with closing Remarks from the AISAT Academic Head Engr. Aida M. Rosales. Teachers and students alike huddled together at the front for their own group photo ops to commemorate the event. Laughter and smiles filled the gymnasium that morning even as they all together left for lunch. 


We here at AISAT and the Altitude organization wish to give our thanks to teachers not only in this school but also everywhere for their efforts in bringing education and enjoyment to the students for a brighter future.


“The Influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future”

  – F.Sionil Jose

Here’s a link for the Teacher’s Day video from Cinephiles: