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December 14, 2020

by April Ann Brillantes

It’s been a year since the start of the pandemic COVID-19 that greatly affected the education department, especially the teachers and students alike. Making everyone uncomfortable with the new learning styles called “The New Normal”. Teachers have to adapt quickly to new ways of online teaching, struggling with internet connection issues, online presentations, and how they deliver the lessons clearly to their students. On the other hand, students have to comply with every quiz, online meeting, activities, and exams while staying in their respective homes. But in every battle, there is an end, called the FINALS. This will determine the fate of every student if they will pass or fail the semester.

Every student has their own different ways to survive the finals. Some are staying positive and relaxed, while some may cram and work hard to comply with all the requirements on time. Some students may even tend to be distracted still such as social media, entertainment, and games, and some just stayed as ignorant or care less about it. But that is fine. Everyone was struggling and adjusting to this new normal. Having a hard time being productive every day and organizing their thoughts and responsibilities. So we have these ways or tips that are pulled out from our pockets to survive the finals.


  1. Just Relax and do your Best

In order to gain more knowledge and organize our thoughts, we have to first clear out our minds and avoid being pressured about it. Not only it will help your thoughts but also helps your emotions more stable and avoid further panics from the deadlines.


  1. Don’t be Pro in Procrastinating

Procrastinating is not only a distraction but a risky trap from what is coming ahead. Delaying and putting all the tasks until the last minute will make everything shaky and make almost everyone more pressured. Though some people tend to work well under pressure and that could be their own styles too. It really varies from one student to another since we are all unique and different.


  1. It is okay to take breaks and naps

From time to time take naps or breaks for a fresher mind when you wake up. Our brain needs breaks in between cramming to make sure our mind is still stable and think clearly. All of us are exhausted and every hard-working student deserves a good sleep after the deadline and in between the finals.


  1. Review more and Practice ahead

Review and understand the lessons posted by the teachers, even if it is optional. Keep in mind that reading and comprehending everything makes every lesson clear and easier for the upcoming finals. We all know that studying lots of lessons could be tiring, but passing the finals is a more worthy trophy you could give to yourself and your family.


  1. Don’t forget to Ask Help

We are all just learners and we are trying our best. But even trying our very best may even not work out. We cannot also stand on our own so we need to ask for help if needed. Ask questions and help from your professors to clarify stuff. They won’t bite you for sure.


These are some tips for you to follow in surviving the finals. However, the decision is still yours on how you would utilize these tips and make your life easier and better.