You are currently viewing Study Hacks – How to Learn Effectively in an Online Platform

September 18, 2020

by: April Ann Brillantes

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in the world, everyone had to adjust. Affecting governments, small businesses, companies, and even schools. The world has almost stopped spinning around and every student has to accept the closure of our beloved normal school life. Everyone missed the “face-to-face” learning set up and everyone is trying to cope up with the new normal which is the online class.  So, as students,  we have to keep up with the digital world now and be active in learning on an online platform. As an online student now, we might find studying at home very challenging. Whether we are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, we have to accept that we are somehow disconnected from our professors and classmates.

But here’s the good thing— despite these challenges in the world now, some students and learners can still look for ways to study effectively on an online platform. Below are some effective study hacks that will help you be engaged, learn effectively, and prepare you to conquer the online platform learning.

  1. Time Management

Managing time might sound hard to do, but it will help you a lot. Be organized by making a schedule and stick to it. Think first how much time you actually need to complete the activities, quizzes, and assignments of your subjects. Be realistic about how many hours you can really commit to each week. While planning about time that corresponds to specific tasks, do not also forget to set a time for you to relax and take a break since we are not entirely a machine. Give time for yourself too.

  1. Avoid Distractions

To imaginative students, avoiding distractions and not tolerating procrastination is easy. Maintaining a persistent focus without entertaining the slightest chance of interruption can make our study much more effective and efficient. You can turn off notifications and block access to distracting websites that might lead you to hours of scrolling and exploration.

  1. Organization is the Key

Everyone does not have organizational skills. Fortunately, students can also use digital technologies to take advantage of organizing stuff. Utilize all the online tools and settings to make your study efficient since we can access it easily at the tip of our fingertips. As we keep on using the same website or link, again and again, you can use bookmarks to save time and access it easily again. Set reminders or planners if you have assignments that are coming up. Lastly, technological failures can happen any time, remember to create backups to avoid repetition and hassles again.

  1. Check your surroundings

Having adequate space in studying online can make you more productive and focused. Be sure to follow the kind of ambiance or environment that you need. Whether you need silence, a clean area, a headphone with music, etc. Every study setting is unique to you, so better experiment and study with fun.

  1. Don’t forget your mental health and physical well-being

Maintaining a lot of responsibilities in online classes takes a lot of time and effort that can cause us to crash and burn. Always check your mental health since it is important. You can have time for hobbies and activities that brings you joy and peace of mind. You can also detach from social media that can possibly drain your energy too. Lastly, exercising can boost more of our brain power and improve the sleep quality that we need a lot as online students.

Follow these simple study hacks and surely we can be more productive in learning online despite the pandemic.