by: Cassandra Dawn Tuazon

“Printing resumes for the nth time.”

One of the fresh graduates of the college wrote this FB status months before he was officially hired as a Ramp Service Agent in Excellent under Philippine Airlines.  Looking for a job while having a tight grip of a three-page resume was no easy task but he went on anyway. For a fresh graduate, it was a difficult step that he had to go through which ultimately led him to the world of workforce that he had been aiming for after graduating from college.

Success always reverberates the scent of its beginnings. Before becoming the person whom we always want to be, there is always that story behind us and that of John’s story was one of the many tales of AISAT graduates who soared the heights of their dreams.

My training in Lufthansa Technik Philippines paved the way for recommendations in my workplace right now,” John said.  “While I am on my training, I had done duties that I thought were too difficult for me but through these challenges, I learned  that it’s not just about excelling in one thing you do, it’s about habitually doing well in every task given to you, big or small it maybe,”  he added.

It’s not just about a rough start but for him, it’s about how one walks through that long and rough road of one’s dreams with perseverance and hard work.

More than reaching success little by little, what is more fulfilling and worth savouring is grasping the depth of one’s learning experiences and making discoveries within and beyond the heights of one’s dreams.