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September 7, 2020

by: Jon Lorence Panelo

With utmost joy, AISAT has announced that RevUp is now back! On August 27, 2020, AISAT commenced its first-ever online RevUp with the theme: New and Norma,l spearheaded by our Campus Ministry Coordinator, Ma’am Melody Cabusas, and Campus Minister, Pastor Marck Felipe. Just in time as online classes have ended before 5:00 PM, students, administrators, faculty, and staff started entering the meet link. The activity started with an interview portion asking around students and even teachers about their expectations towards the first-ever online RevUp. After which, the program proper commenced with praise and worship followed by a prayer by Ma’am Melody Cabusas. The excitement did not end there as after which, the students were challenged with a game called “Word Shuffle”, and the fastest students to type in their answers were all new students from BS-AMT 1. It was then followed by the Word initiated by Pastor Marck Felipe and finally, the small groups, where a more intimate sharing of thoughts and even daily struggles during this time of uncertainty was all addressed with words of comfort and even virtual motivational support from assigned small group leaders coming from the faculty and fellow students.

As Ma’am Melody says, “Whenever I see students, faculty, and staff of AISAT, what I automatically think of is how blessed they are! I have been to a lot of institutions before and I’ve never seen one who really cares not just for the academic growth of an individual, but to their spiritual life, too! That is why even when we are in this online class setup, our campus ministry took the great shift by conducting it via Google Meet. Online RevUp is indeed quite challenging compared to the usual face-to-face RevUp sessions. However, we try to make sure that the same thing will be experienced by the attendees during this online setting: Right guidance and encouragement from the Word, fun and socialization, belongingness, and having an accountability group that will help you go through challenges in life.”

Moreover, she added saying, “I highly encourage you, students, to join us in Online RevUp because we know that you have been bombarded with struggles in different areas in life every week. So join us every Thursday from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM to unload your stress and breathe in the positivity and the answer to your problems from God’s word. Especially if you are looking for a purpose in life, according to Ephesians 1:11 “It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for…” Life is indeed more fun and worth living with Christ. You will not just meet new friends, but you will also have an accountability group to pray for you. Moreover, free cellphone load will be given to those who will win in the games. That will really be helpful for your online class.”

Call it a gathering or a celebration; one thing is sure, especially during this time of uncertainty, it was a precious moment shared between the AISAT community of administrators, faculty, staff, and students. In the words of Ma’am Myra, our school president: “The very purpose for RevUp is to save more souls and not just for providing spiritual education.” Tackling such an excellent topic on the importance of knowing God is indeed a great start for the spiritual formation of the AISAT family that focuses not just on quality education but also in upholding the moral laws in light of a Christian foundation. Your campus ministry student volunteer is also inviting all of you to join us in this journey of seeking God and meeting new friends even in this new and normal setting. Let’s RevUp, AISAT!