Xerlexyz M. Pablo


Champion: Essay Writing Contest


This year’s theme is about unity- a kind of harmony between teammates and even between the opposing teams. Unity is a very big factor in every community. Without it, we can’t accomplish anything and won’t achieve the greatness that we always would want. We learn and grow together with the people around us, we help each other’s flaws and shortcomings, and enhance what’s already good in us. This continuous process will help us mature in every aspect of our lives. As as a person, it teaches us good leadership, decision making, and communication skills with other people and most of all, it teaches us humility. These skills will certainly help us achieve the goals in our lives and would influence others to grasp greatness.

Intramurals is one of the school activities where unity is manifested between and among students, faculty members and even administrative personnel. Through the sports in this event, students showcase their skills or even discover their untapped potentials. As the program progresses, the bond between players grows; thus, unity is achieved. Moreover, having such achievement will help us grow as a good person. Whether we win or lose, we can wear a smile with a light heart as we accept whatever the outcome is. Just like in life, we also face series of game where every second is full of uncertainty. At the end of the day, we learn, survive, evolve, and succeed whatever life throws at us. That’s what makes human special compared to all other species on Earth.

So make sure to unite with good people. Grow with them as you learn to accept each other’s imperfections. Together, you will help each to achieve what you once lack. Because no one likes to be alone in this world, having good people you can trust and depend on is better than having everything the world can offer with no one to share with.