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The community extension entitled “Tindug Paglaban” spearheaded by Adonis Joshua Po along with 23 excellent students achieved great results in informing the general public about potential violence in their households. It arose with the idea of determining the potential harms in the community along with the pandemic in place. Domestic violence has been rampant before and with the pandemic restricting the majority of the people in their households, it may worsen. The students, therefore, thought out of a way in which this problem can be addressed without breaching covid protocols. After careful planning, it came to hosting a webinar along with few contests which can reach the public in an informative and entertaining way. Thus, the community extension Tindug Paglaban (TP) came to be. “Tindug” and “Paglaban” are two Visayan words that directly translate to stand and fight; Hoping to enlighten the people that being proactive will garner change and hope. The TP team had to go through countless nights and days of organizing, planning, and practice to achieve a meaningful and exciting output. They hosted several meetings in a fun and unique way to incite motivation given how all of this was done online with classes being held. Time management was a serious issue everyone had to deal with. “Learn to adapt and you will succeed” as quoted by Mr. Renuelle Cruz, a TP member, gave the group the courage and will to push on wholeheartedly. To divide the tasks and achieve smooth progress, they decided to split up into several committees addressing different types of work. These were the Certificate committee led by Renuelle Cruz, the Contest committee led by Charles Baguio, the Registration committee led by Prince Mangmang, the Editorial committee by Juls Borromeo and Aldric Wee, and the Hosting committee led by Bern Britos. Thus, smooth sailing was achieved and the team focused on their respective committees assigned to them. Posters, mechanics, invitations, and other necessities quickly came to finish as everyone was working smart and hard. Ultimately, the webinar garnered two speakers: Mr. Kim Christian Matildo, an international debate adviser with backgrounds in Magna Cum laude in FSUU, and head of the discourse department in an educational institute placed in Butuan City. Ms. Arlan Gatchalian, a PNP policewoman with a specialized Course for Women & Children Protection Desk.

The webinar was then held on April 17, 2021, at 1:00 pm with 70 participants. The awarding also took place after the webinar. The entries made for the contests were jaw-dropping and were believed to inspire the viewers to stand up for others. The webinar and contest all finished successfully achieving the goals of raising awareness and informing the general public about domestic violence. The TP members additionally learned a lot of new things and skills like time management, teamwork, making various outputs, and generally improved their own characters.

Truly, it was remarkable to witness how small hands can create big change. Like what Maya Angelou once said,

“Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else.”