You are currently viewing NSTP Special: Mobile Legends, Bang Bang!

“Let the battle begin!”

This is a very famous tagline from one of the most popular online games today, Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Due to the pandemic, people tend to stay at home and avoid social contact because of the fear of acquiring the Coronavirus. Staying at home makes most people bored, so they will find a way to cope with that issue. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a very accessible and convenient game because it only requires a phone/ tablet and an internet connection so a person can bond with their friends online.

AISAT students have come up with an idea to integrate online games with NSTP to connect everyone and help people in need simultaneously. With the support of the National Service Training Program-Civic Welfare Training Service faculty and staff, by the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology, a tournament was held.

MLBB Live Tournament For a Cause project is an open tournament that aims to raise a fund to donate to the selected beneficiary- Project Bayanihan. Students have invited teams that are willing to play and help the goal to be achieved. The tournament was then streamed for three days via AISAT NSTP CWTS official Facebook page.