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In the second semester of the school year 2020 – 2021, the leader, Jazel Anne Al-ag, of the project iLEAD drew attention to the thought of leadership. Mr. Jose Inosa, the director of the NSTP, welcomed her paper, and she founded her group with the intention of them being helpful. Earlier in the semester, the leader had a plan in mind because it reminded her of previous leadership webinars. Some of the groupmates, however, refused to lend a helping hand and were forced to leave. The group’s objective at that time of the semester was to assemble or invite speakers who would kindly share their knowledge and experiences on the day of the event.

Meanwhile, the organization was split into three groups: a technical team, an assist team, and a logistics team. Each having different roles and responsibilities throughout the preparation of the project. The technical team worked on the visual presentation of the whole project and the design that will define the project “iLEAD the way”. The assist team, on the other hand, was given the task of assisting the speakers on the day of the event as well as assisting other members of the community prior to the webinar while logistics is in charge of the delegates who were invited and registered for the event.

The day came on April 30, 2021, when all of the hard work of those who worked on this project came to a close end. Everyone gave it their all to complete the task at hand, and everyone interacted effectively to ensure that everything went according to plan. With everyone’s hard work and dedication, what began was a huge success that no one could have expected. Everyone in the group had their own takeaway and lessons learned, which were very valuable and could be useful in the future. What made this event a success was the ability of the group members to work together and lead themselves, not just the leader but all of them, to ensure that everything went according to plan.