You are currently viewing NSTP Special: AISATara at Magsaya Online Music Fest 2020

A community extension program is a yearly activity made by the teachers and students at the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology. The general objective of this activity is to create a program that benefits the teacher, students, and the audience by performing their talents, which can help the minority group of Sunshine Ministry. This activity will give support to the identified community. The chosen activity will be the source to raise funds, and the student and teachers organized it. Even during this pandemic, this does not stop us to help those people who are in need. Instead, we are blessed to have the initiative to create a program that will keep us away from the danger of having the risk of being infected.

Last April 17-19, a concert for a cause entitled the “AISATara at Magsaya Online Music Fest 2021” was staged for the indigent people of shine ministry. This was performed by the local artist and selected first-year college students from the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology as a requirement in their NSTP II. This Online music fest was be presented through Facebook live and a host to manage the flow of the program.

The event was made possible as we gathered and organized aspiring artists inside and outside the school who want to join and perform to showcase their talent virtually. We also made a poster and asked our groupmates to post it on their different social media accounts for promotion. This helped us get the viewers’ attention and let them know that we staged this kind of activity. We let our performers chose at least a minimum of one song as long as they can perform it well.

Since we are all restricted from seeing each other, we followed the protocols by observing social distancing and frequent disinfection during tapings. To collect all the music videos they have made, we asked them to send it online and let the host and leaders arrange the performances and manage the flow of the program.

The target of this program is to entertain the audience from Facebook live and ask them to donate any amount that will directly send through Gcash. The 3-day live sessions started at 6 pm, with almost 30 people watching before it formally started. The live session started with a countdown; prayer; introduction to the host and singers; a virtual tour of our dear school; message from our instructor; opening salvo; concert proper and ended up with a closing statement of the host.

During the concert proper the artist gave an outstanding performance with their extraordinary talented voices that entertained the viewers. As observed, the viewers are interacting through the comment section of the Facebook live and liked the songs that our singers rendered. In the first two nights of activity, all the performances were pre-recorded and were organized and delivered by the host. The last day of our activity, on the 19th of April, was also started by 6 pm, having the same a minimum of 30 people watching before it started but it was a live acoustic performance given by the local artists. During the last day, the viewers are more interactive and suggest songs in the comment section that they want to be heard by the artists.

According to Facebook live, our activity reached more than 6,300 plus people having almost 2,000 engagements. This indicates that we successfully reach enough people. To sum up, throughout the three-night live session, the AISATara at Magsaya Online Music Fest 2021 successfully presented a well-performed performance given by the different artists. All the efforts we made to raise funds for the people of Sunshine Ministry was all paid off because of the excellent feedback we had. Although we cannot assume that our activity was perfect were still happy and thankful for the outcome. Thus, this online music fest allows us to help and support those in the sunshine ministry even amidst this pandemic.