You are currently viewing New Year, New Me: Post-Holiday Workout Routines

January 15, 2022

by Kimberly Deaño

New Year has come and New Year resolutions waving back again. New Year, New Me is the trend whenever the month of January starts as new beginning opens up, new chapter in our life out of 365 days in a year.

Have you ever done a new year’s resolution? If you have, how many of it did you list? Have you done it the year before or are you doing it now? Will you be able to accomplish it? What about the previous year?

Many of us have listed or have planned to exercise and lose those calories and fats we have gained during the holiday season. Since it is now January and a new year has come to start once again, burning those body fats and losing weight are mostly first priority of most people around the globe; getting beach bodies to flaunt in the workplace, at the school, at events, or in preparation for the incoming summertime.

One website have piqued my interest and is mostly relevant when it comes to post-holiday workout routines that we would want to do. According to the,

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up. Although we really would want to lose our weight gain and those fats that makes our clothes fit and tight, it is important to know what our body wants and its capacity. Feeling guilty with the “cheat days” that you have done during the season, set your mind to calm down and think of new schedule and few routines that you could go. Don’t beat yourself because of the guilt that you feel for the “cheat days”.


  1. Go slowly. Recondition yourself first before doing heavy workout routines as your body is still recovering from the break that you have. Do the basics first no matter how much intense was your previous workout activity. As time goes by, increase the intensity of your workout sessions. Doing intense workouts is a reckless act that may compromise your body’s capacity and health. Issues may come, such as injury, if you push yourself too hard because you want to go back to the way you workout before. Increase your time and the intensity of your workout one at a time, gently going back to the fitness regime you have done in the past. Small success each day and you’ll eventually gain back your old sexy or muscular body.


  1. Change food habits. Because of the amount of food and beverage intake during the holiday season, you have jeopardized some of your daily food intake. The unhealthy snacks and foods made it to your system making you want to eat more of those junk foods. First, it is important to gently go back to proper diet. Those unhealthy food habits are not going to go away easily, slowly eat healthy foods and exercise at least about 10 minutes each day. Steadily eat something light but nutritious food to fuel your body. Right amount of carbs, proteins and fats will help regain your healthy habits you and metabolism, regulating blood sugar and insulin levels at the normal level.


  1. Drink more water. Staying hydrated is important. It can help your appetite at its regular level intake and of course help flush the toxins in our body. Water doesn’t only keep us hydrated but is more beneficial than drinking sodas, alcoholic beverages or those containing caffeine. Water relieves our stomach from constipation and help our digestive system more active and aid in de-bloating.


  1. Get a game plan. Set your goals and attain it. Some people often set their goal unrealistically making it hard for them to achieve what they had set. Think of realistic goals as it motivates to and keep your momentum steady going towards the goals you wanted. Reward yourself whenever you fulfill a goal; a little treat for yourself to keep you going, making it more enjoyable for you. Keep track your health, habits and be sure to take healthy foods.


  1. Set a schedule. You may write down on your calendar or on your phone application the schedule of your workout session or may it be for meals. Setting up time according to your schedule makes it easier for you to keep track what you are doing and it will make sure you don’t cancel it because of procrastination. This is also a great way in motivating yourself to set the game going or you can hire a professional trainer for the fitness regime you have chosen.


  1. Don’t forget to stretch. It is logical to stretch your body first before undergoing to an exercise or workout. Let your body warm up to avoid injury or pulling up one of your muscles. It is also a way for your body to loosen up and will lead you to perform well and maximizing your endurance. With this, a stretch session will also help your muscles to relax post-workout.


  1. Listen to your body. While you are getting used to getting back your fitness regime, keep in mind the limits of your body as well. If you are experiencing pain or injury, stop exercising as it may restrain your body and cause more injury to happen. If you are feeling sick and such, stop and relax your body for the time being. Don’t do anything reckless and pushing yourself past its limit as you might undergo a longer recovery time or a severe circumstance.



Don’t overdo yourself just to gain that sexy body you once have or that weight you always wanted to maintain. Remember to always do something “slowly but surely”.