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May 15, 2022

by Kimberly Deaño


Mama, Nanay, Mommy, Mum, Mader, Mudra – these are only examples of how we call to our mother. Some may be formal, some are informal in proper English, some are unique, some are fun, no matter what we call our mother they are still our mother. Every year in May, there is a special in which we celebrate the Mother’s Day all over the world. Giving gifts, heartfelt messages, or a simply dedication for our mother or for some they have mothers. For this year’s Mother’s Day, it is celebrated on May 8, 2022, Sunday.


Mothers may be different, however, they have the same role in our lives. Mothers give birth to us, love, care, and dedicate their all for us. Regardless of our age, our mother will tend to us in every possible way they can, be it as they are in good health or sick, they will not retire in caring for our well-being. As what they say, a mother do not have their vacation leave because a mother’s role and love for us never ceases. A mother can be our best friend, the one who holds the family together, giving us warmness and safety in our hearts. Our mother never thinks for herself only, but thinks what the best is for her child. Thinking twice of her decisions for the better of her children.


In every country or any other places in the whole world, different celebrations are held for the Mother’s Day. Surprises arises, from giving flowers to balloons, cakes, chocolates, into letters and family gatherings. Most tend to go out to eat, travel with the family, or just a simple celebration at home with their loved ones.


In our home, we mostly give flowers and cake, either take-out foods or cook celebratory meals, and of course letters that content our earnest message to the light of our home, our Mama. We do not utter cheesy lines or even our deepest feeling with each other as we have grown up to be not as expressive as others do. But, through letters, we can freely express the feelings that we cannot speak out loud, especially when it comes to full-hearted feelings. The gratitude and love we have may not be conveyed in our words or actions, but deep inside, is a passionate care and heart we have for each other.


To some of us who did not grow with their own mother, they may have found in other family members or strangers they met along the way. Come what may, we have a person we can call a mother, if not, any person, regardless of gender, we may call them as mother, especially for those who have fulfilled their role as a mother or those who have given us a warmth feeling of a family. Broken or whole family, we can regard them as our mother.


“Nothing is more amazing than her,

For she was aesthetic than a flower,

Inside and out she was a seraphim,

A guiding wing of posterity.


She was the supernova of my life,

The diva of the sky,

The treasure of the High,

My trophy on the crest,

She is… MAMA”

  • Kim Deaño, 2017