You are currently viewing Moments that Last: Memories into Realizations

December 15, 2021

by Zette Saquian

Looking back at our memories and experiences, we somehow realize that everything happened for a reason. May it be good ones or bad ones, those memories have brought us so much to remember and so much to learn. Memories that brought ecstasy and adventures in our lives and memories that may also have brought us unimaginable pain and sorrows. Our memories hold so many secrets and answers that we need to realize and understand so that we will be able to correct our mistakes and find within us what really matters most. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs throughout our lives and it’s up to us when we’ll see the answers we’ve been longing to find. Answers to our Whys? Hows? When? And what-ifs. Answers that will bring clarity to our hearts and minds. Our memories aren’t just for us to remember every single detail that happened, but also for us to clearly see what went wrong and how we may be able to fix it, maybe not in the same situation anymore, but in the near future if something similar may happen again. Whether you’ll let the past repeat itself or if you’ll correct what must be corrected.


We all have different memories that we hold close in our hearts, may it be memorable experiences with family and friends, with ourselves, travels and career, or with a lover. Our memories are part of us, part of our journey in discovering what life really is and what we are meant to do. Every experience, every memory we create holds the key to the answers to our questions. We’ve all been there, trying to analyze every failed situation, trying to think of the causes and the what-ifs, denying the facts that were already clear to us, but in time as we look back, we will slowly accept and realize what really happened and what should’ve been done, but even so, sometimes it’s already too late and maybe wasn’t meant to be and meant to last. Sometimes those experiences and memories were only there to guide us and help us see that there is more to life than staying on the what-ifs and whatnots. That there is more to our life journey than just clinging to our failed memories. We aren’t meant to stay stuck and locked up in our memories just because we fear that it may repeat itself, we are meant to correct it, to find another way, to be better, and follow the path we are destined to take. Just because you’ve been through misery a lot of times doesn’t mean it’ll remain that way. Life is full of surprises and we just have to be prepared for it.


Sometimes we even want to forget memories that have caused us pain, situations, and people that made us question ourselves and ended up hurting us. Memories that we hope would just eventually fade, but the funny thing about memories is that, no matter how much we try to forget, we just end up remembering it even more. No matter how much we try to escape what has been, we always end up getting reminded of what has happened. If you really want to forget, then having amnesia is what you need, but sadly, you can’t really choose what to forget once you have one. You’ll just end up forgetting everything, leaving a hole inside of you, thinking why something feels empty and uncertain. Then one day, reality will hit you again, memories coming back and you still end up remembering everything that you wanted to erase. You see, smiles may fade, tears may run dry, but memories? They will always be there, we just have to accept what has already happened and use those as lessons to become better and create the life we deserve. Some of our memories may have left us traumatized and scarred for life, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the line. It simply means that we deserve better, that we needed to be there for us to see that it wasn’t meant for us, that there are better things out there than holding on to something that will eventually destroy you. Don’t ever destroy yourself over something that isn’t even worth it because, in the end, you’ll end up crying and scared. Instead, use all the lessons you’ve learned from your past experiences and choose the life that you deserve. No toxicity, no dramas, just a life full of happiness and success. A life you are deserving of.