You are currently viewing Knowing One’s Worth: When to Stay and When to Leave

October 15, 2021

by Zette Saquian

We’ve all been through situations in our lives that have put our faith, patience, and worth to the test. We’ve faced challenges that have put our strength and determination to fight for what we hold dear and important to us to the test. Things that have challenged our trust and motivation to achieve our ultimate intentions. But, in the end, is what we fight for worthwhile? Will we be able to say that we’re truly happy and content if we continue to cling to these things? That we’re complete? That we are valued? Are the things we hold dear genuinely worth the effort and time it takes to achieve them? Are they deserving of our time and effort? Yes and no. Why? Simple, since if these things actually matter to us and are reciprocated in some way, it means they are worth keeping; yet, if certain conditions aren’t met despite your best efforts, would you continue to hold on even if it is taking a toll on you? Even if it made you question your worth and existence? Will you continue to go to battle for this connection or situation even though it is progressively exhausting you and causing you to lose yourself? Even if we want to, even if we want to keep going, we have to remember to think of ourselves at times. Even if certain things are really important to us, we must recognize that they are not worth keeping, especially if they are simply leading us to our demise. When you’re already on the verge of collapsing. Even if it involves a long period of healing and pain, we must let it go for our sake and our peace.


Knowing one’s worth is important since it allows us to recognize and see if a situation is making us believe that we aren’t deserving of what we want and desire. We should truly appreciate ourselves so that we can understand and realize whether or not what we’re holding on to is good for us and can bring us genuine happiness. Nothing is more important than understanding that we are deserving of the best that life can offer, and should not settle for anything less or just the bare minimum. We are deserving of the same amount of love, effort, and time as we have given to others. Never doubt your worth or your capability to see or value yourself because other people can’t or won’t see or value you. Always remember that your worth is determined not by how others perceive you but by how you perceive yourself. We are all priceless, gems and one-of-a-kind treasures, and only we and those who truly respect us can recognize our true beauty and worth.


Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself because of how other people treated you. Don’t doubt yourself just because they didn’t value you the way you should have been valued, and don’t let others define you only based on their viewpoints and sentiments toward you; only you have the power to define who you truly are. What matters most in life is how you represent and value yourself, not how others define you. Only you can say that you are deserving if you truly believe it. The more you allow yourself to drown because of other people’s judgments and insecurities about you, the less confidence you will have in yourself. The more you allow these negative thoughts to influence how you see yourself, the more you’ll find yourself trapped in a position and cycle that doesn’t serve or treat you the way you deserve. You are one-of-a-kind, a precious diamond that no one else can match. Even if others may share some characteristics with you, realize that there is always a part of you that no one else can ever take away or replicate. Always be aware of your worth. Always keep in mind that you deserve better than the terrible things that happened to you. We’ve all lived through different kinds of hells in our lives, and it’s up to us to figure out how to turn them into something valuable and worthwhile. Learn from our past mistakes and decisions that have led us to situations that have tested our faith and resilience so that you don’t have to repeat the same lesson and cycle over and over again. You are deserving and amazing. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. When things are no longer worth the effort or sacrifice and are only giving you pain and grief, learn to let go and realize that you are worthy of something better. Even if letting go means losing someone or something for good, remember that it was for the greater good. Live and love not only for the sake of others but also for yourself. You are deserving of something better. Believe it! Own it! We are all worthy.