By: Justin John Dulogin and Vera Suzette Saquian

Engage with fellow researchers and build vital relationships, the  International Research Conference (IRCon) 2018 was an assembly of researchers, professionals, academicians, scholars, practitioners, leaders, deans, research heads and directors, faculty members, non-teaching staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and research enthusiasts from different government and non-government organizations. They submitted and presented research papers to share their ideas, transnational knowledge and address global challenges in the rapidly changing environments. 

The International Research Conference last October 20, 2018  held at KJC Hall, Jose Maria College Sasa, Davao City tackled issues  that were foregrounded in the theme “Embracing the Challenges of Multidisciplinary Research, Innovations, and Development.” Moreover, the theme clarified its main objectives as to understand the challenges and opportunities of multidisciplinary researches, to update research trends that are emerging across the globe, and strategically use research  as a medium to respond to multifaceted problems anywhere in the world. IRCon 2018 indeed became an appropriate avenue  to gather feedback from other experts and further develop collaborations for future research projects. 

As the representative of the AISAT community, Dr. Gerlieta S. Ruiz, Head of the Research Office of Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) presented her case study entitled, “Day-In, Day-Out, Plight of a Landless Farmer”. This study investigated the landless farmer from Barangay Baracatan Sta. Cruz whose inherited property was taken from him through mortgage. Implications from the case study were viewed from political, economic and socio-cultural perspectives. The said research has also opened the minds of the researchers about the immediacy and consistency of help that farmers need from the government.

Thanks to IRCon 2018, Dr. Ruiz’s study, among others, are some of the focal issues that are continuously instigated so as to provide empirical data that will greatly help and guide different entities, private or public they maybe, in coming up  with sustainable solutions for nation-building.