You are currently viewing Hovering Dreams

By: Vera Suzette Saquian

How does one dream?

 A dream is a goal that one wants to achieve in life. Most of the time, it’s fuelled by wants and needs. It’s always triggered by something that makes one innocently alive.  Oftentimes, these dreams change along the way and they come and go, just like that.  

Yes, a dream happens and disappears in a snap of a finger. But on some days, it hovers— it lingers like an innocent child patiently waiting for a parent’s gift after doing a remarkable deed. And as that child grows a little bigger, his dream grows too. These grown dream continuous to hover itself until such time when that grown boy does something about it. It is up to  that dreamer if he to pursue or let go. Either way— if he thrusts and lifts himself  towards it or if he lets  it weigh him down— it’s entirely up to him. 

We all know that pursuing dreams will always have barriers. The road to that prize is an infinite obstacle course, and the outcome will always be based on what we have done and what we believe in. It is hard because we never know what we’re facing against. It can be minor issues or even major decision-making that can affect not just us, but also the people around us. Imagine yourself standing on that line, then the go signal suddenly starts to fill up your ears. What will you do? How will you do it? Will you do it? There will always be questions that will bombard us into thinking that everything is plainly impossible. But you know what? You can make the impossible, possible if you just believe you can. It is only impossible if we think it is. Sometimes what hinders us is fear. Fear puts limitations on what we do and could have done. Because of fear, we tend to think otherwise, then slowly, we lose hope. That’s when the cylinders of our lives stop working. In an engine, a cylinder consists of a piston that does the job in mixing the fuel and air inside the cylinder. The spark plug ignites that mixture and then the piston drives the ignited mixture out. We are the cylinders.We intake the steps we’ve made, the piston, which is our will, compresses all of the lessons and experiences we’ve had; the spark plug, which is our determination, ignites it with more passion and perseverance; and the piston, again, releases that powerful mixture to make us continue moving on towards our dreams. Once we lose hope and stop making those processes, then our intakes and exhausts will not work properly. We eventually seize to keep  moving towards our goals. 

Pursuing our dreams takes risk, courage, and patience. Those are given but take heart. Your hovering dreams will be realised in no time. 

Just believe.