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December 14, 2020

by Kimberly Deaño

The holiday season has come to town! Everybody get ready for the foods that make us hungry!


As the Holiday season is set, family gatherings and parties are here and there once again. During holidays, it is a great time for us to chill and relax and at the same time spend time with our friends and relatives. However, due to the pandemic, the celebration for the holiday season is currently under the mandated protocols and is highly recommended to be celebrated at home and with our immediate family. Howbeit, parties can still be organized but with safety protocols, and only a small number of participants can come.

With the holiday celebration ongoing, of course, food cannot be forgotten. Who forgot the most important part of the festivity? Maybe those who are on a diet. But what about those who love to eat? Favorite foods are always present just like the gifts underneath the Christmas trees and the gift of life.

Various specialty foods and heirloom foods are laid on the table. Several snacks, salads, cakes, cookies, sodas, and wines are also included. With the impending overeating, how can we stay healthy without compromising this special occasion that only once in a year can happen?

Let’s have some tips on how to stay healthy and not overeat this holiday season. These simple strategies are from Harvard Health Publishing-Harvard Medical School.


  1. Snack strategically. Fill in your plate with fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and hummus. These are appetizers yet will control the hunger that you feel. Making your stomach half-full and will stop you from overeating.


  1. Proportion your plate. Balance your plate with meats, vegetables, salads, and fruits. Limit yourself from having seconds, however, don’t stop yourself if you really need to if you are still hungry. In this case, you will be aware of how full you are and prevent your overindulgence in food.



  1. Choose carefully. Pick the food that is healthy yet yummy to give yourself a treat. For example, trade the biscuits and chocolates which are overly high in calories for your aunt’s delicious pumpkin pie.


  1. Beware of liquid calories. Watch out for sodas, beers, and wines. These drinks may help washout the nasty after taste of fatty foods and similar, but, there are alternatives to help you clean your palates such as fruit juices or teas.


  1. Leave the table. After you feast, it’s better to keep yourself away from the table. You may keep on reaching out for food even if you’re already satiated. You can socialize with your friends or relatives at a different table for games, pep talk, or just have some fun chats and catch up.


These 5 tips can not only help us to quench our overeating habits but also keep in our minds to take care of ourselves while enjoying the festivity. Still, be sure to socialize more than to glutton yourself with food. It is better to keep healthy for yourself and for your family.

To add to the suggestion above, don’t forget to exercise and keep your body active despite the holiday vacation. It will not just keep your body fit but will also clear your mind from negative thoughts and will help your digestive system to function fully. This is just a piece of advice to give yourself proper treatment and show yourself, love.

Be healthy and enjoy the holiday season!