You are currently viewing Harmony in Competition: AISAT Intramurals 2023

November 30, 2023

by Jeremiah Agonia

As the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) held its annual intramurals last November 8-10, 2023, a vibrant display of a united community was shown off through the theme “AISATunggalian 2023: Converging Traditions, Celebrating Diversity, Elevating Joy.” The much-awaited event brought together students from diverse teams, courses, and sections to participate in a series of exhilarating games, competitions, and cultural showcases. Amidst the spirit of competition filling the air, the intramurals were participated in by four formidable teams: Orange Apache, Blue Warthogs, Green Osprey, and Red Nighthawks. Each team represented their respective colors with pride and determination to bring home the title of this year’s overall champion.


The showcasing of creativity, innovative minds, and teamwork by each team was not limited to the popular sports games but extended to other activities throughout the event. During the opening ceremony, the team mascots, team banners, mass dance, and team chant were highlighted, igniting excitement in everyone as they cheered for their own crowd. In the end, the Red Nighthawks, Orange Apache, and Blue Warthogs secured the top spots in the competitions respectively. Various E-Games were also part of the three-day celebration, and the four teams proudly supported their representatives as they battled in the games of Call of Duty: Mobile (CoDM), Valorant, Tekken, and Mobile Legends. The Orange Apache’s gameplay dominated across multiple fronts, excelling in the three events: CoDM, Tekken, and Mobile Legends. Their exemplary unity propelled them to victory and earned them the title of champions. Meanwhile, the Green Osprey was hailed as this year’s Valorant winner by defeating the Orange Apache with the final game score of 13 to 5. Talents in the realms of writing, art, and oration were also showcased through competitions such as essay writing, poster making, and extemporaneous speaking, enriching the diversity of the list of events. According to Sammie Alain Trinidad, one of the participants in extemporaneous speaking, the competition was actually good as it also served as a platform to give insights about certain issues. Eventually, the Red Nighthawks (essay writing), Orange Apache (poster making), and Blue Warthogs (extemporaneous speaking) won the events.


Another highlight of the intramurals was the segment for traditional Filipino games, also known as “Larong Pinoy,” where students unleashed their competitiveness and sportsmanship. The Red Nighthawks emerged victorious in the Sack Race, and the Green Osprey displayed their daunting strength as they pulled the championship title towards them in the Tug of War. Additionally, the Orange Apache displayed dominance once again as they won in three games: Flour Relay, Patintero, and Kadang-Kadang.


The competitive spirit extended to the film festival, showcasing the imaginative minds of the students through filmmaking. The standout entry of Orange Apache entitled “Illusion” captivated the audiences and judges, earning several awards of Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, and Best Director. The “Balete” of Red Nighthawks bagged the title of Best Film Trailer, and one of its actresses, Shaira Tolosa, was awarded Best Actress. Lastly, the entry from Blue Warthogs entitled “Dayun Mo” paved the way for one of their actors, Christian Maurillo, to be awarded as Best Actor.


Indeed, the events in the intramurals are a testament to the school’s spirit of unity, diversity, and excellence. From the thrilling sports competitions to captivating various events, the best of AISAT’s student community was showcased. In the end, the Orange Apache team emerged as the overall champion in this year’s intramurals. Nonetheless, it is imperative to celebrate the efforts, talents, and hard work of the other three teams as their contributions were undeniable throughout the event. The achievements of all four teams and the individual talents displayed in various competitions deserve recognition and applause. As the intramurals ended, the students brought with them their cherished memories of celebration, camaraderie, and competition, displaying the true essence of this year’s intramurals theme.