You are currently viewing Fitness After Holidays: A Faux New Year’s Resolution

January 15, 2021

by Kimberly Deaño

It’s finally New Year! New life, a new beginning, new challenges, and a new chapter of our life! Did anyone write your New Year’s Resolution? The long list of improvement for ourselves that we always write as New Year starts. Or shall we say, the fake to-do list that we always write but did not act on it?

New Year’s resolution is common to us. It serves as a guide on which part of our life needs changes and improvements – may it be our body, our mindset or any aspect of us. It serves as a list of our goals for a new start with an optimistic mind.

It is not new to us to have eaten healthier foods, be on time and stop procrastination, save money, etc. However, one of the most or the top list that people put down is to get in shape!

The holiday season is known as a season full of fruits, sweet confectioneries, delicious desserts, and a mouthwatering feast. Of course, we, delicate people of the world are tempted to eat and eat and eat whenever and wherever luscious food is served. Social and family gatherings are here and there, and as always, food is present at every table of every occasion.

With so much food intake during the Holiday season, our body is also filled with lots of fats, carbohydrates, sugars, sodium, and any other bad nutrient content of the foods that we ate. The mentioned previously are not really bad for our health because our body needs them, however, too much amount may become threatening. So in order to neutralize the unnecessary and excess body food nutrients, we tend to exercise to get our body fit and to get healthy.

Exercising or getting in shape is far the most written New Year’s resolution. Well, the post-holiday season is making our minds motivated to do fitness. We want that beach body soon enough too for the incoming summer season. Cyclists and joggers can be seen on the sidewalk and pedestrians passing by to get that good sweat before sunrise or during sunset. Gyms are also packed to have indoor exercises and training under the supervision of their gym trainers, some may also be alone and have their own workout regime. Home fitness is also popular nowadays, which is less hassle and you can do it your own time and schedule. Workout hacks can be found online so people can watch TV while doing their exercise and home essentials are used as part of the workout plan. Get loose those over body fats and get in shape in no time while staying at home.

Oh, wait! With all the fitness plans, schedules, regime, did you really do your exercise or did you just wrote it on your notes and left undone? Sometimes we are impulsive to do things when we think of them in the spur of time, but when a day has passed by, we tend to lose the motivation, then we procrastinate and after, we forget that New year’s resolution. So here’s a tip! Encourage yourself to do your New Year’s resolution and think of the reason why you need it. Or might as well forget to write New Year’s resolution if you can’t do it.