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By: Kimberly Deano

In AISAT, students get the full support of actualising dreams. One of school’s initiatives is to expose the students to school-based organisation in honing their skills to reach their dreams.

Last September 6, 2019, Sir Roen Caesar Cardinal along with the Supreme Student Council (SSC) held the first Asian International School of Aeronautics’ Club Day at Homitori Gym. Club booths, standees, and gimmicks were present to encourage students in joining the clubs. 

The event was officially opened by Mr. Roen Caesar Cardinal, the school’s head of the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA). After the opening remarks, Mr. Matty Joey Torres, the school’s assistant administrator, took the opportunity to induct the class officers of each section and the club officers. Intermission presentations were also prepared  by the representatives of each club to showcase student-based activitiies under each affiliated club.  Hosts Jon Lorence Panelo and Ian Valentino Ligtas led the event with their energetic combination in guiding the students with the different clubs/organizations of the school. 

Currently, here   are the school-basedclubs and organization along with their corresponding purposes and advocacies:

  1. AISAT Aviator Club as moderated by Engr. Kristian Magsalin was brought to existence for responsible and safety driving. Members of this club also coordinate with AISAT’s Community Extension Office in materialising programs that could help the community through the driving skills that they can either use or teach to further help community members in different progressive ways.
  2. AISAT Cinephiles is headed by Ms. Kelly Ruth Serenio. It is a club for students who are practicing filmmakers, editors, actors, screenplay writers, cinematographers.
  3. AISAT Marshalls is administrated by Ms. Cecilia Santander and it focuses on mental health advocacy. This team’s focal point is to help and spread mental, emotional, and psychological support among students.
  4. AISAT Sports Club under Sir Jhonel Albarracin’s advisory endorses sports as a major factor in nurturing the students’ physical, emotional and mental well-being. This club is not only for basketball enthusiasts but for everyone who wants to play the sports of their preference.
  5. AISAT Mountaineering Club as spearheaded by Mr. Alran Eric Cifra advocates the essential traits for worthwhile mountaineering experience— being responsible, discipline, independent, and practicing safety and respect at all times. Apart from these, basic mountaineering skills are also taught such as folding, packing and proper wearing of essentials.
  6. AISAT RC Aircraft Modelers Club as supervised by Mr. Benito Segundo Amor specialises in building and flying RC aircraft.
  7. Altitude is moderated by Mrs. Aimee Rosal- Felipe. This is the school’s official publication. Through this platform, students are engaged with art through writing, photojournalism and cartooning. This is also an avenue for students to express themselves in words especially school related concerns.
  8. ARTECH which is guided by Ms. Anna Thalia supports students  who are inclined with digital arts, animations and e-games.
  9. Campus + Crusade for Christ (CCC) is  charged by Mr. Jeff Sabrosa and is a club passionate about sharing the Word of God. It is a community of students who share the gospel through different programs. RevUp AISAT 2019, is one of the school-based youth fellowship under the Guidance Office that partnered with CCC for the first semester of Academic Year 2019-2020.
  10. Chess Club which is under Mr. Hycznth Garie Ruelan develops skills and social dexterity, self-assessment, healthy competition, teamwork and enhances thinking skills through playing and developing chess strategies.
  11. Glitch Photography, under Mr. Albert Bije and Mr. Ryan Delfin, is an organisation for the students who have the intricate ability to take photos and who are eager to show these shots through photography competitions inside and outside the school.
  12. National Service Reserve Corps (NSRC) is headed by Mr. Jose Lorenzo Iñosa. This club promotes basic leadership training, disaster risk reduction management and first aid, livelihood and education, environment protection and conservation for the purpose of helping the community.
  13. Young Entrepreneurship Club encourages young entrepreneurs in creating their own small businesses and are lead by Sir Ariel de Leon and Ms. Karina Ingrid Therese Kahulugan.
  14. Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is co-led by Mr. Rhoen Roy Estribor. It fosters personal development and community service, through free circumcision, medical mission, health awareness, tree planting, and the like.

Through these newly-affiliated school-based organizations, students are given the option to get involve in extracurricular activities that may discover their unrealised talents and   develop all aspects of their being. Moreover, membership in the organisations can be more than one as long as it will not hurdle any of the academic priorities of the applicants. It’s time to explore, AISAT students!