You are currently viewing Finals Frenzy: The Ultimate Guide for College Students

November 15, 2023

by Carla Karizza Delos Reyes


Students find themselves in dire straits at the most tedious time of the school year as the first semester draws to an end— Finals. This period never fails to strike panic in every student, including the most battle-scared ones. Having to pull an all-nighter to cram a semester’s worth of lessons all while taking in the strongest caffeinated drink there is, preparation for finals can be daunting, especially when multiple exams for multiple subjects, endless projects, and countless write-ups are all due within a short period. But fear not, AISATinians!

A little game planning will help you navigate the hectic finals period. Here are a few tips to get through finals:


Create a game plan

The first and most important step is to create a game plan that you can stick to. This should help you maximize your time and prevent confusion. Make a calendar and take note of deadlines and requirements, as well as the exam schedules. This lets you see a clear picture of the work you’re about to do. Gather all your study materials and exam schedules. Since you can already view all your work in one place, it’s time to make a study schedule— one that’s realistic. Set deadlines for each specific task. Prioritize the easiest. Break your workload into manageable tranches. This will help you have control over your work.


Review. Review. Review.

The mind learns by repetition. The first thing you need to do is to read. Then read it again. You’d be surprised how much your brain retains what you repeatedly read. Scan your books, reread your reviewers, jot down notes, and highlight important key points. Don’t forget to take rests in between review sessions. Try doing the Pomodoro Technique— 25-minute stretches of focused work preceded by 5-minute breaks.


Fuel your body

Your body works better when fueled. During study sessions, consuming food that will energize your body and sharpen your mind would help. Healthy meals and fun snacks should be prioritized. Hydration is also crucial— stay hydrated. Health experts say that some of the most suitable foods for studying include nuts, citrus fruits, berries, and— great news— dark chocolates! Incorporating these brain-boosters foods into your diet enhances your retention, focus, and concentration. But always remember, you are what you eat (and drink)! Make sure not to compromise health over fun.


Study with peers

Allow yourself to be helped by peers. During this time, you might want to trade study materials like notes and flashcards. This will greatly benefit both parties as there will be an exchange of ideas that are different, and sometimes, even better. If you want to broaden your horizons and see lessons from a different angle, then studying with peers is always a good idea.


Get some sleep

You might be thinking that staying up late to rush all schoolwork and reading would do you good, but this will only drain you. I’ve tried it a couple of times, and I would never recommend it to anyone. Temping as it might be, cramming while being sleep-deprived is nothing but a perfect recipe for tragedy. Lack of sleep can lower your energy and focus. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep— 8 hours at least.


Remember: The finals period is challenging in all aspects, but it’s not beyond your grasp. While it can be a strenuous time for college students, it is also an opportunity to foster growth and development among students in preparation for the hurdles of the real world after college. Emerging from the difficulties of the finals period equips you with resilience and skills that are of great value in a professional setting. Trust in yourself and your capabilities. You’ve got this!