You are currently viewing Filling My Flight Plan

By: Justin John Dulogin and Vera Suzette Saquian

Flight planning is the procedure to create a proposed aircraft flight plan. It involves  mapping out and analysing  all possible routes to make sure that the aircraft safely reaches the destination. It is the same way with how we realise our dreams. We consider multitudes of critical aspects behind every what in our dreams to answer all  the why.  The choices and decisions we do amidst this planning are factors that contribute to the construction of the path towards our dreams. What are the things to consider then?

First, fuel calculation. To minimize the risk of midair collision or  unrealised dreams amidst stagnation, we can limit our unnecessary wants and fuel more on the important things in life. Consider the essentials, avoid the insignificant. A dream itself is a good fuel too to add purpose and energy to our daily undertakings. Dreams are converted day to day goals that fire up our daily lives towards realising our dreams.

Next, we study the air navigation service which indicates the plane’s course. In designing the proposed flight plan, this service technically gives essential information such as departure and arrival points. Parallel to realising our dreams, the people we choose to surround us are like this— they help us determine the courses we take and  they give us a lot of assumptions to weigh in. At times, we can even get delayed due to their influences that we allow to interfere into the plans we have. On the other hand, our guardians act as our air traffic control for they foresee, direct, and provide advisory. Filling our flight plan always includes the people who are in our radar and more often than not, they are our passengers whom we want to share our destinations with.

When we fill the flight, we are  not just the flight dispatcher but  we eventually become pilots. We have all the information and  the maneuvering is on us.  Following a flight plan in our lives is manageable but as we start, the pressure gives off drag and as the altitude rises, we may get our direction countered by the wind, lifting slowly becomes harder, and turbulence naturally happens. The presence of these hurdles are part of the process which teach us resilience to continually chase our dreams. 

Moreover, we don’t always  get to choose our destination, that’s a  reality, but we can always have our fight plan to our flight plan. We may or may never reach it in the most ideal time but we have to think of our passengers, the people we love, the instructions from the tower, and our guardians. Life is our plane but when we decide for its flight, it is not anymore for ourselves alone. We choose the path for the people we love.  Filling the flight plan or  achieving our dream is never a solo act then. 

Fight plan, flight plan, and light plan, whatever it takes, let us  fly high with the right plan.