By: Samantha Inoc and Sachi Nudas

In recognition to the diverse languages that are actively spoken and used as media of instruction in the islands of the Philippines, Filipinos concluded the month of August as everyone celebrated Linggo ng Wika with its theme “Filipino, Wika ng Saliksik”. 

The AISAT community was one with the jubilation as the Junior College Department held the said celebration last August 31,2018 at the AISAT Gym. A kick start was set by the Opening Salvo that consisted of selected JC students with full energy and power. Of course, students attended the program with so  much excitement and enthusiasm to participate in three major events that they have all prepared for:

  1. Dress your Adviser
  2. Isahang Pag-awit
  3. Sayawit

The competitions began with the first event wherein teachers were dressed with creatively hand-crafted costume made from recycled materials. Next was the Isahang Pag-Awit where six participants sang  OPM songs. True love for  Filipino language and melodies was felt as the crowd engrossed themselves with epiphanies and eventually lost the competitions’ tension. Finally,  the much awaited event then followed. Sayawit, consisted of 15-30 dancers with a  performance choice of either a song adaptation or own composition, was one of the events that everyone was really excited about for they can showcase the best of what they got.

Everyone then wore his and her huge smiles as students went home bagging their achievements with their places in the events:

1st Place- Section Concorde

2nd Place- Section Airbus

3rd Place- Section Boeing

4th Place- Sections Cessna and Piper

Mabuhay ang Wikang Filipino!