You are currently viewing Embracing Change In A Fast-Changing World

August 15, 2021

by Jeremiah Agonia

Change has always been present in human history. Some naturally occur, while others are products of human decisions made through a leap of faith and bravery. In the bible, Mary was greeted by Angel Gabriel with a piece of news that will forever change her life. She was chosen to bear a child named Jesus in which she wholeheartedly embraced, thus, giving birth to today’s Christians’ role model. Even the career of the famous singer Harry Styles is a product of change. Prior to his success was a job as a baker in his hometown. Then, he decided to take another path and quit his job to audition for the X factor which started his stardom. From being a bouncer at a nightclub in Buenos Aires to become the pope and most respected person in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis proved that the beauty of change could prevail with trust and courage. With all of these remarkable people’s different stories, the concept of change could also be present in the simple life of a college student. One of the significant changes that some college students choose to encounter is the decision to shift from one course to another. In which they are labeled as “shiftee students.”

While the concept of shifting transpires in the college world, the misconceptions and norms of being a shiftee also come with it.

Ah baka bobo kaya hindi kinaya yung course” , “Ay hindi naka survive sa course nya kaya nag shift” “Loser kasi lumipat ng course

– These are the common lines thrown whenever a student is known to be a shiftee. Despite these hurtful lines, other people cannot see the real grounds why a student chooses to embrace change in their path. Some students may realize what career they want later than others, resulting in diverting their routes. Students also shift when they have gathered all the courage to pursue their dreams rather than sticking to their parents’ wants. While some may not have felt the happiness and spark they are looking for in their first course.

Choosing to alter a degree has never been an act of being a loser and cowardly student. In fact, it has been an act of bravery for desiring what their hearts really want despite what others may say.

As the beauty of change is wholeheartedly embraced by a shiftee student, a bumpy road full of struggles must also be faced. It has never been easier to restart a journey. Taking new subjects, having a different class schedule than a block mate, being behind in terms of major subjects, delaying the years to graduate, and doing all of these alone are just a few of the bumps to be encountered.

My only struggle as a shiftee is that the pressure that I am feeling right now is doubled since I am now an irregular student and already behind with the regular ones. Although I am not rushing everything still there is always pressure when you are left behind. However, knowing that there are also other shiftees, it makes me calm sometimes, and hopefully we can fully get back on track someday.”-Neil Dondonayos, a 2nd year BS AVM shiftee shared.

Despite the title of being a shiftee forever associated with the student’s college journey, this does not make them less of a person. To become a shiftee does not equate to a student being miserable in life. After all, finishing a program was the primary goal of everyone. A shiftee or not, students will arrive at the same destination. To wear a graduation toga, walk up to the stage and receive a diploma are the things that matter, whether the road was bumpy or smooth and whether changes were experienced along the way or not. Leaping faith and bravery will always be a strong point of a shiftee student. Like Mary, Harry Styles, and Pope Francis, these types of students proved that adopting change has never been an incompetent decision.