You are currently viewing Educators Elevating Expertise: A Closer Look at AISAT Teachers’ Masters Journey

August 30, 2023

by Zeth Angelo Bacaoco


Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology’s Aviation Faculty members have recently initiated their journey to attain a master’s degree in their specialized area. One of them is Ms. Kimberly Deaño. With more than six years of service in teaching, Ms. Deaño has been on a journey towards earning her Master of Education in Aeronautical Management (MEAM) for almost two years. In this interview, Ms. Deaño shares her motivations, experiences, and the transformative impact of her master’s journey.

Enrolling in a master’s program can be a significant commitment, and for Ms. Kimberly Deaño, her journey began with both professional and personal motivation. Ms. Deaño explained:

“I was enrolled in MEAM alongside my colleagues here in the aviation faculty. Enrolling was actually for the school, as CHED said college instructors should have a master’s degree. Still, aside from that reason, I wanted to pursue something that would benefit me and provide new knowledge.”

Ms. Deaño’s choice of MEAM, which focuses on education and aeronautical management, might seem unusual, but she sees it as a versatile degree. She adds:

“Although the degree is based on education, it can still help whenever you go outside of the academe, as it is still linked to aviation and more on management.”


She mentioned that the MEAM program has contributed to the enhancement of her teaching skills and the expansion of her perspectives on education and aeronautical management. According to her, this master’s degree not only improves teaching skills but also provides a broader understanding of teaching and learning. It enables individuals to gain diverse viewpoints in managing students and enhancing personal skills. Given its alignment with education, it can effectively align with the school’s objectives and offer personal advantages.

Ms. Deaño’s pursuit of a master’s degree aligns with her professional responsibilities and adds a new layer of expertise to her role as an aviation instructor.

One challenge Ms. Deaño faced during her master’s journey was adapting to a new schedule.

“As for me, the only time I encountered such a challenge is that the class schedule is on Sundays,” she shared. “I don’t like working during weekends or my free time as it is for my private life and rest day. However, since I enrolled in a master’s degree, I had to adapt to the change in lifestyle.”


Ms. Deaño’s dedication to her education led her to adapt to her work and school routines. She expressed that she considers her education to be an integral part of her professional life, and this perspective allows her to efficiently manage both. Ms. Deaño typically completes her tasks promptly, and on occasions when that is not possible, she utilizes her free time at school, particularly during the gaps between her classes, to catch up on her work.

Despite the challenges, Ms. Deaño’s commitment to her master’s journey demonstrates the transformative power of education and its potential to benefit individuals and the institutions they serve. Last July, she completed her MEAM program and is now waiting for her graduation. Her journey is a testament to the value of continuous learning and its ability to enrich the aviation industry and education.