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By: Kimberly Deano

This year’s issue was never easy—from conceptualising the title which made us meet at least three times a week and each meeting lasted about 4 hours to deciding the theme for this year’s issue up to writing, qualifying, removing, editing and more editing tasks to finalise the articles for the pagination—  every detail has to be taken consideration of .
This year’s theme—hovering dreams— speaks of the dreams of the now generation. Whether  these dreams are hovered or stationary— they stay a little longer to each dreamer as who endure journeys towards realising his dreams.
  Too many causes to be justified and too many thoughts to voice out these dreams—some may struggle to decide what they want and what their parents want them to be, some may battle their inner self to what they love to do and what is the norm, some may be confused what course to choose, and some may be undecided what to pursue.

  The word “hover”,from the aviation term, means being suspended in the air and the word “dream” is the vision of each person to what he imagines to become. When the words are combined, they convey the deciding point of individual to which direction he should go— left or right, go back or move forward—-whatever decision, the idea of hovering is significant for every mediocre whose dream is not yet realized. It will be the dreamers resolve to choose the path they are heading to. The course of life may be or may not be what they visualize, and challenges may hurt but will provide experiences to gain learnings and sustain positivity to control themselves and deviate from the acceptable standard of everybody because there are many invisible pathways to get to their destination.

  To the members of Altitude, we continue to dream on as we publish, year in and year out. Some platforms might be improved or may be wholly changed,  but we agree though in one mind— that we constantly voice out student concerns for proactive responses from different concerned offices and individuals, put into words student achievements from different departments and various extra curricular activity and in and outside the campus and always  take  part on student related events, however small they may be.   To all Altitude board members,  thank you you for your love, sacrifice and support for our school paper. Thank you for the time you lent to give your best writings even on holidays to finish your articles. I would also like to thank the contributors who managed to submit their write ups even when they are busy with their school requirements. Last but never the least, THANK YOU to our Moderator, especially to Ma’am Aimee, who always make time for our concerns especially and to her patience when we submit overdue assignments.

  To everyone, hope that you acquire learnings and enjoy our 4th issue.