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August 31, 2022

by Mary Joy Therese Saludo

“In the modern globalizing world, information sows the seeds of prosperity, and those who are without access to information are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to building a better future for themselves and for their children.” 

-Shashi Tharoor


As mentioned by MindaNews, a new P100M, a 4-story public library was set to open recently for this year. The new library was officially open on July 15 of this year. The building is located in Barangay 34-D along C. Bangoy Street. The construction of the building began earlier on April 24th. The officer-in-charge (OIC) City Librarian, Salome “Sandy” Enoc, said in an interview that this new library would replace the old library which could be found on the Sanggunian Panlungsod building’s third floor. Materials from the old public library have already been moved to the new building. 


Many plans have been made for the new library and information center during construction such as an organic garden to be put up on the rooftop, a floor for kids’ hybrid learning through educational games and reading materials, and a Coop-run coffee shop to be launched in September. According to Byaheng Do30, Model Cooperative Network (MCN), Manuel Guianga and Sirib Growers, and Employees Multipurpose Cooperative will jointly run this coffee shop that will serve All-Day Breakfast. 

Manila Bulletin states that the library would be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. They are to be open for those 12 hours. The library has a maximum capacity of 250 to ensure convenience and safety for the Dabawenyos. Once the library is filled, guests will be advised to visit on another day such as one Friday on July 15th when the library was already full at 3:30 pm. Discussions and surveys are still to be conducted if extending the library to 24 hours would be ideal. To enter the library, guests will need to register. Online registration can also be done in which clients will receive a good-for-24-hour QR code that will serve as their entry ticket. Guests can also register for membership cards worth P100 for residents and P30 for non-residents. In addition, there are also library cards. Hence, if assistance is required during online registration, they may assist at the library themselves. In addition, on their Facebook page Davao City Library & Information Center, there is an available post for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). 


There are spaces for researchers and students to study but also a library cafe near the newspaper section. There is also a conference room, organic garden, and Information Technology can be found on the fourth floor. Enoc encourages and mentions that this library can also be for anyone like teachers, non-students, non-researchers, and those who need a space for collaborating ideas and finding important information. According to Global Daily Mirror, one of the other services includes access to online government offices such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and other agencies.


NewsFort states that the LGU library is recognized as the “most innovative library in the Philippines” by the National Library of the Philippines under the adaptive programs and services category. The Asia Foundation and the National Library of the Philippines gave this award due to the library being able to provide digital learning and being able to expand satellite reading areas to those who are unable to access the library. This has been a need especially when the pandemic hit as they conducted home book delivery services to provide a maximum of ten books per child. Access to online storytelling, e-book requests, and online access to the Britannica Library. This is what made the DCLIC unique in being able to take risks and provide reading and learning resources and services with the ongoing digital divide. On August 19, the ceremony was held at the Sheraton Hotel, Manila. Enoc hopes that many of us will avail of these government services and maximize the resources of this library.