By: Kimberly Deano

Gear up!

As part of their training before graduating, a two-day lecture for AISAT aviators and Octoberian students on General Familiarization of Cessna 152 was conducted on December 3-4, 2018.The seminar focused on gaining basic knowledge of Cessna 152 with a discussion of the following topics:  Introduction to Powerplant System by Sir Jan Kristoffer A. Bahena; Airframe by Sir Argin A. Monguez and Electrical System by Sir. Junest J. Gamil. 

To further amplify practical overview, the participants were introduced at the Hanger of AFES on the second day of the seminar where personnel and aircraft mechanics guided students for actual scrutiny of the aircraft’s  powerplant, airframe systems, and instrument and electrical system. For more vicarious experience,a review on preflight inspection was  also discussed.

Experiential learning, indeed, it was, for all our future airmen!