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October 16, 2020

by Justin John Dulogin

Holidays are times put apart by custom or by law on which regular activities, particularly job or work including education, are suspended or cut. Generally, holidays are meant to allow people to meet or celebrate the event or tradition of social or spiritual importance. Vacations may be assigned by governments, religious institutions, or different groups or organizations. The degree to which regular actions are cut by the day may depend upon local laws, traditions, and the kind of business taken or individual options. However, the news is getting worse day by day and with in-person events, everything became postponed. The coronavirus pandemic means also that the holidays will be different this year.


The COVID-19 pandemic draws multitudes of changes in our daily lives. The thing we usually recognize this time of year has been changed, rescheduled, and even cancelled. As the public administration and LGUs adapt to the situation, legal remedies and alternative resolutions have been implemented in the time of COVID-19. There will be a lot of emergency and safety measures as well as tracking on most celebrations. Major events and celebrations in Davao City are all postponed this 2020. City Mayor Sara Duterte canceled all the festivities and celebrations this year. The reason behind this is to sympathize with the virus victims, especially those who died, and also for our brave frontliners. The implementation of Executive Order No. 25 series of 2020 stated empathy for those who are in affliction in this pandemic. Under the Executive Order, the rule of measures and any parties, celebrations, and other festivities are canceled and on birthdays or holidays, it should be decent and short. The private parties even on holidays should be modest, simple, and limited to only 25 guests only. Those who are wanting to have extravagant celebrations are suggested and advised to postpone till the end of the year.

Please take this seriously and be safe. The big family celebrations can wait. There will be even more to celebrate when we’re on the other side of this pandemic.


While we are currently following the COVID-19 health protocols to help prevent the spread of the novel virus, we may not be able to celebrate things as how we wanted it to be but it’s comforting to know that there are ways to celebrate and give meaning behind the occasions that could be really important. Whether you live alone or with someone or family, there are reasons to celebrate the holiday while still being safe. One thing’s for certain—the holidays will stay on us that no one will soon forget.

Here are some alternatives that you can mark traditions and celebrate special events while the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on:


  • Spread the Positivity

If it is not possible to bring the family altogether, spread the party to them. Spread the goodwill and cards and gifts through any delivery services.

  • Host it Online

Even when you are apart from your loved ones, you can celebrate things and eat at the same time by using any platforms of video calling. You can schedule a virtual hangout and get the advantage of inviting more than 25 guests.

  • Send a tasty Delivery

Food is certainly the reason that brings us closer during most occasions, it is the way to everyone’s heart, so have everyone’s favorite, have the sharing and surprises.

  • Shower Them with Gifts

A lot of businesses now are offering free delivery alongside sales and discounts. You can also have it with wits or something that can make their holidays special.

Personally, one of the best things about my childhood was realizing that it’s not the date of the event or holiday, but the celebration. If your mother has to work on your birthday, you can celebrate on another day-and it’s fine. If there’s a pandemic this year, celebrate in times when we are safe and free.  We will remember the year 2020 as something truly different and unique.