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October 01, 2020

by Thea Estraza

The weather is getting chilly and the days are growing shorter— but the creative juices of artistic people are flowing all around the world. October has come and gone, and while we find ourselves stuck inside in a worldwide lockdown, it did not stop others from being productive and creating things to their heart’s content. In fact, one can argue that being stuck inside our own homes can pave the way for all sorts of outlandish and interesting projects to come to fruition.

As the youth of the generation, many are probably well versed with yearly trends such as the ever-famous #Inktober Challenge. If you find yourself living under a rock for the past eleven years, then let me enlighten you with what exactly Inktober is. This particular internet trend is one that encourages artistic productivity by providing “prompt lists” that content creators may follow through during each day of the month of October. The challenge is to complete an art piece that corresponds to the theme or prompt of the day.

Initially, it was intended to be a challenge that was to be completed with the use of only a variation of pens and papers, but as the years have gone by, many versions of the challenge have appeared. Now, anyone can even create their own list and people can follow different challenges aside from Inktober during the season. Hashtags such as the spooky #Witchtober, as well as the futuristic #Spacetober, are only some of the prompt list that has come out from their predecessor. All sorts of mediums can be utilized nowadays from the traditional pen and paper, to brightly colored digital art, and even through make-up and costume play!

The rise of social media and apps like TikTok also contributed to how nuanced the trend has become. In the year 2020, it’s probably more appropriate to call the challenge as a whole as #Artober rather than #Inktober.

Of course, even our very own AISAT students and staff could not resist to show off their own wonderful talents during this month. Each with their own fascinating art style and imaginative interpretation, our school is definitely not lacking when it comes to artistic prowess. Here are some of their works:

Now, perhaps you could say that you’re merely a budding artist with no confidence regarding their own work or that you are someone who is interested in the challenge but fear that you won’t be able to complete it yourself, worry not, because anyone can join and anyone can use a prompt list to improve their creativity and skills in their chosen craft.

You don’t have to pressure yourself to complete the whole month full of a myriad of themes. You can complete it following your own pace, may it be sparingly or diligently following the day to day schedule. There are so many possibilities and so many ways to do it. Have some fun and enjoy the trend in the way you are comfortable with.

While October 2020 has come to pass, there is still next year to look forward to and prepare for. So make sure to get your art supplies ready and your brain fresh with new ideas for the next #Artober!