By: Justin John Dulogin

The battle for supremacy among the four teams namely, Green Osprey, Orange Apache, Red Nighthawks, and Blue Warthogs went full blast in various sports and games competition in the AISATUNGGALIAN 2K18 that was held in the AISAT’s new gymnasium last November 7-9, 2018.

With her message,  Atty. Myra Ann W. Toe-Hio graced the affair with motivational opening remarks followed by the traditional lightning of team torches and welcoming of cheer dance competition. The event embarked the theme “7 Years of Passion and Excellence” which pertained to the years of AISAT as a significant revenue in developing positive and moralistic values in the community. 

Competitive sports, physical recreation, and education were encouraged by the team advisers through sectoral cooperation. The teams were again shuffled and they became more intense and impressive especially in major events. Red Nighthawks won the cheer dance by their absorbing rasta concept. The crowd went wild in basketball and the volleyball game showed how camaraderie in sports were present. In fact, Most of the players were already acquainted with their opponents that they truly shared laughter and high fives while enjoying the rest of the tournaments with dedication and determination.

Minor events pleased the ears and eyes of the crowd as teams showed variety of talents and entertainment. Humorous rap battle and your face sounds familiar diverted the competitiveness into a comical night and delight. “AISAT is the best; AISAT excellent!” a line from the rap of Blue Warthogs was heard again and again as most of the students had the last song syndrome after listening to its winning beat.

Ms. Samantha Inoc from the Blue Warthogs and Mr. Kim Carlo Espiritu from the Green Osprey were crowned as AISAT’s new ambassador and ambassadress on the last event of the first evening. The new faces apprised everyone with their looks and appeal as their answers captivated the rest. 

It was indeed a tight game with the overall champio: Blue Warthogs for the 2nd time with 1,770 points followed by the green osprey with 1,760 points, next was the Orange Apache with 1,660 points and lastly, with the 1,470 points was the Red Nighthawks.

Building character is more important than ambitious winning– AISATunggalian thus always aims to bring out athletic champions in shaping champion AISAT community for such  event is more than just sports!