AISATTUNGGALIAN2k17- the most awaited campus wide event happened with a blast! With new spectacles featured in this year’s intramurals such as the new venue, three-day raffles, and new sets of members and advisers per team and with the theme, “One Team, One Spirit, and One AISAT,” AISAT Intramurals 2017 was a great success as it was held in Azuela Cove, R. Castillo St. Davao City, last November 9-11, 2017. Through this significant occasion, a friendly yet challenging competition among four different teams namely, Green Osprey, Orange Apache, Red Nighthawks, and Blue Warthogs, paved the way for the players to show their skills and knowledge in various sports. All of the students showed limitless strength, endurance, and fixed eyes towards winning. Noise filled the air of Azuela Cove as each team cheered with its loudest scream especially during Mr. and Ms. AISAT 2017. Thanks to Sir Jose Lorenzo Iñosa, NSTP Coordinator, Sir Matty Joey Torres, OSA Coordinator, and Supreme Student Council (SSC), the gathering was a full-blown success!

Moreover, AISAT Intramurals 2017 was not just about pure winning.  More importantly, this annual gathering aims to promote physical education and sports as an integral part of learning, to mold the AISAT community to become spiritually responsible and socially-competitive and lastly,  to develop  leadership and sportsmanship between and among the participants.  While reaching these goals, the teams showed a very tight result as scored where Blue Warthogs, the overall champion, garnered 1,830 points followed by the Green Osprey with 1,700 points, then the Red Nighthawks with 1,510 points and lastly, with the 1,320 points was the Orange Apache.

Above all these numericals, the event commenced with the emphasis on pure fun where everybody could always learn camaraderie- the greatest reward of intramurals!